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Sound odd? but I felt this way the other day. Granted I was working on my technique earlier in the day . But when I went out to play a round, that's all I could think about. So after 12 holes, I just quit and headed over to a nearby field and worked on my drives for about an hour and then headed of to the practice baskets for an hour or so of putting.

I had more fun that day working on my game than I did playing. So I was wondering if anybody else ever felt this way?

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I don't practice. I'm 51 years old so I need to make the most of my time left on earth by playing. For me the rounds are where it is at. Having fun with fellow DGers.

I lived with my inlaws for around 18 month... I practiced around 2 hours a day. I would need some "alone time" so I would go out for about 30mins at a time. I only wish I was half as good at putting now as I was then! I keep telling my wife that once my back heals form the fusion I had not to long ago, then I want practice twice a day for 15 min each time so a total of 30mins a day. Like Mark Ellis says, if you practice to long you start to lose focus and miss more shots, then your practicing missing!

I agree but the way I practice is by either playing doubles with myself as a partner or I play against myself. Either way it's multiple throws off the teepad, from the fairway and putts.

I enjoy throwing discs, if I play one round and my score ends up as 54, that's only 18 drives in 2 hours. That's not very many. I'm 54 years old and don't care about my score, I want to make as many memorable shots as possible.

nothing wrong with home practice,i go out back and putt or throw short 150ft shots,also sometimes i wont pick a disc up for a week after some long periods of play,say like weeks on end.practice is good if you can keep from thinking ''i need to practice cause i suck'' it's body machanics over and over

Does not sound odd to me at all. Field practice and putting is smart. I don't do it as often as I should, but I still do from time to time. It is always an eye opener when I unload my entire bag several times in a wide open area and see all the different fight patterns, relative landing spots/distances for each disc. As for putting, I have a practice basket or two and get lots of that when I am not playing a round on a course somewhere....... I have heard that many professional players consider field practice essential to the development of any disc golfer. Just remember why most people play... For fun...



I feel that way often. I end up practicing more than playing rounds lately, and its really paying off for me....

Yea i always warm up and putt for around a half hour before I play every time. its kind of ritual now I feel weird if i don't do it before a round.  sometimes when i don't really have enough time to play a full round I'll just go to the closest course to my house and putt for like an hour and throw all my fairway and distance drivers over and over again on the soccer field across from the course for awhile. it's nice to air it out every now and then and if you know the length of the soccer field then you know exactly how far you are throwing when you throw over the whole soccer field lol

Makes A LOT of sense. Sure, playing is fun and I would never turn down and invite to play a round. However, there is a general rule out there that to get betteryou really should practice about 1/2 the time and play rounds the other half. While I do not follow this rule, I more than once have stopped mid-way thru a round to head to the practice basket to fix my technique. Driving in an open field also helps especially if you can practice with different discs and different types of throws (hyzer, anhyser, etc.)

There were a few of us that would "play"/"practice" only the first 5.Many early  am practice rounds solo,field practice reintroduces you to your"other" bench discs.


We love to practice (wife and I ) field practice and putting at home. only negative

I ever seen out of it is that at home... backyard or garage, I tend to do things diffrently.

not sure what it is but i drop 30' to 50' quite consistently. then i get to the course and have the hardest time making 20 to 30'. if anyone could help me with that it would be great. thanks



The practice/play decision is almost always based on who my companions are any given day.  I am just as happy to practice as play a round and I usually can make a practice game at least as fun as playing a course I know well.


If I arrive at a course and I am the only one there I always practice.  I have never played a round (for score) by myself.  What is the point?  For tournament preparation I have played courses by myself but that is learning the course, throwing multiple shots on the troublesome holes, figuring out distances and landing spots, etc.


Sometimes when by myself I will go out to particular holes and drive them over and over and over.  Before a tournament recently I spent an afternoon at a course and only played 4 holes, all short, tricky ones.


If I arrive at a course and friends show up I try to encourage the group to do warm up practice games or create a game for the round which emphasizes particular skills.  Some players are happy to practice with me (which makes it more fun and practice, when put into the format of a game, makes it competitive and forces you to concentrate on the shots) others only want to play singles or best shot doubles.


Practice should emphasize two aspects of the game of disc golf.  One is making shots, best accomplished by repetition. The second is playing under pressure.  Making a shot without pressure is nice (and better than missing a shot for sure) but it doesn't really count unless someone is keeping score.  Also making a shot under minor pressure is totally different then making a shot under major pressure. 


There are many players who perform well until tournament time then fall apart.  The difference is pressure.  The way to develop excellence under pressure is to practice under pressure so I try to create games which give every player the chance to win if they play at their best and an assurance of losing if they don't.  Since I play with friends across the spectrum of skill I build in advantages and disadvantages to level the playing field.


Again, not everyone likes to play with funny rules.  Some Pros hate to play any game where an Amateur player is likely to beat them.  Some Ams view it as an insult if given a spot.  But in a group of differing abilities there is not much benefit to learning to play with pressure if everyone just plays singles.  The Pros expect to win and almost always do.  The Ams expect to lose and that becomes a self fulfilling expectation.


To take my bag to a field and throw every disc as far as I can is a form of practice but not very useful to me.  In my practice I try to emphasize control over power.  In a round of golf most shots are not maximum distance shots.  Control and putting are much more important to scoring well.  For experienced players, most of us are not going to dramatically change our power level anyway.

That's me too Jim.I'm 52 and practing for me is wasting time not playing.

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