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I have a friend who throws nose up annys on most drives,not his intended result.He throws rhbh .I know without video its hard to say whats wrong ,but anything would help.

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well when i went to the discraft clinic last week, i worked with discraft pro Bill "Critter" Themm. after i watched him BOMB about four drives around 450' with ease. i asked if he would help me with my back hand. he tought me alot but the main thing that helped was that when you throw, instead of leaning straight ahead (like in the direction of where you are throwing), lean in over your arms (perpendicular to where you are throwing). Before you throw, it helps to make your arms into a big "ring" infront of you, like if your doing a ballerina move or something, and then you know right where you should be leaning. after trying to drive like that i was throwing my Z surge straight as shit. it worked for me!

oh and have a pritty follow through.
ive got the same problem .....im an ol school frisbee freestyle kinda guy; (30 + years) ol habits r hard to break....muscles have memories......we aint throwing the frizz anymore on the course,& i have to tell myself this on every part of my release on every approach & throw. i,m gettin a lil better, although my white innova destroyer driver still quite often resembles an egret as it crashes thru the 30 foot tree tops!!!!!!!!! beautiful , just gorjious, specially when it falls THE WHOLE WAY BACK DOWN !!!!!! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE Like pulling a lawn mower straight across your nipples ....keeping the disc level.
I agree with what the others have said. He's probably arching his back/leaning backward when he throws. A lot of guys do this because it feels like they're getting more power. Instead, he should keep his back straight (or even bent a little forward) and his head forward. The follow through with his hand will be parallel to the ground it he throws it flat. Check out the forms of the pros at http://www.discgolfreview.com/resources/throwanalysis.shtml
Set up for your shot..... make sure knees are bent a lil bit. I like to to line up my hips with the place I want to release the disc. Then hold your throwing arm straight to your release point with the disc in your hand. Make a couple passes with the disc straight accross your chest in a nice slow smooth motion, stopping at the point you want to release. This should help get your arm used to the motion it should be making. Also dont bother with the run up style approaches untill youve got the shot dialed in. Just stand in one place and line yourself up.. shoot. Your probably not going to get the distance that you are hoping for, but you will be much straighter and more consistant. Then you can add the run up approach into shot once you are comfortable to do so

Hope this was reasonable helpful.
Good luck
Make sure his plant foot is down and weight is forward, before the pull through. Make sure to pull on an even plane close to the chest with a level follow through.
The Bonopane grip has added 30-40 feet to my distance because it automatically brings the nose down. Here's the explanation on the Innova website:
Essentially, the disc goes between your fore and middle finger instead of on top of your fore finger. Dave shows the thumb locked under his forefinger but mine isn't long enough fo that to be comfortable. So I just curl my forefinger with my thumb next to it. You can instantly see how this grip drops the angle of the nose and is 'money' when I teach new players who haven't yet learned to consistently cock their wrists.

The other tip is to not stop when you get to the end of the tee pad. I see lots of players who run up to the front of the pad, stop and lean back before launching. Try practicing with a marked line on the grass to just completely keep moving forward on your follow thru, even just stepping thru it for practice. I think the end of tee pad psychologically messes with people afraid to follow thru causing them to naturally tip back when they get to the edge rather than just power thru it.
best backhand instructional video I have seen for a backhand throw is an old segment of disc golf live with Discraft pro Mike Raley at brown park show the basics of the x-step and throwing motion......watched it too many times to mention. This summer watched it again and realized I wasn't turning my back enough and pulling the disc flat across the board. within two weeks was throwing 50-75 feet further with way less effort.
I agree with Chuck. Keeping the nose down is important. Make sure he pulls through his chest, not down lower. Continuing off the tee pad on your follow through is also a good idea...unless it drops off too far
Yeah.. When I'm trying to teach someone how to throw a proper drive, (because most beginners think that arching the back is going to get more distance) I just tell them when they are pulling back to hold the disc high and then follow through in a downward motion. It's a good start for someone who throws nose up. If they are trying to mimic the x-step.. i just tell them to start out not doing a run up. Just teach the proper pull back while showing the motions in order through release. I know a lot of brand new players just want to throw the damn thing and it's hard to explain when they just want to get through the round. I try not to talk on every tee box.. It annoys most people I bring to play the game for their first time. I'll show them once and if they ask how to do it again.. I'm more than happy to show them. Their is a lot of good advice on here. Best of luck helping your friend.
tell him to slow it down and don't lift his head up at release

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