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Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of playing disc golf.  I started rather late in life compared to most, so I'm having some troubles smoothing off the rough edges of my throws.


I'm 42 and 6' 6" tall.  I've learned that the best way for me to throw consistent is to slow down and throw smooth.  I take a very deliberate X-step approach.  But being as tall and as old as I am, I find that my back isn't as "fluid" as it was when I was younger.  I'm having a difficult time transfering my weight forward as I torque my hips open when I throw.  As a result, my drives are launching up more than I'd like, which is affecting my distance.  I'm throwing nose down with good snap and I'm hitting my intended line more often than not.  A more experienced player in my group in leagues this week pointed out my weight wasn't shifting properly and that was causing my drives to launch higher than intended.


Would someone be so kind as to describe what I need to feel in my body when I throw so I can learn how I'm supposed to transfer my weight properly.  I stretch out well before each round because if I don't, I feel stiff and not very fluid in my throws.  For example, do I need to feel my weight more on my front toes?  Should I lift my back leg off the ground?  I don't know what I should be feeling when I'm supposed to it correctly and I'm stumped.




Tall Tom

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Go throw in an open field.
Work on a smooth shot that does not bother your back.
Use more follow through with a little spin that lets your snap pull the left leg around.
Instead of throwing a shot and jerking it, release and follow through.
Like a ballerina dancer. You should hear the singing...Laaaaaaaaa.
I had to work on this when I developed lower back problems (gone now).
With proper practice you can be extremely accurate and not give up distance.
Another thing that helped is lowering the weights on my drivers, they do not need as much power to get good results, but they have a bit of a learning curve when you switch...I used to demand only Max weight, now I know better.
If you want to know about your weight shift, video tape yourself from the side and watch.
Most likely you are stopping somewhere in between your run up and your shot, losing momentum that you want to keep. You will see that on the video and be able to adjust once you see it.
If all else fails, put on your Avatar makeup and head to Clearwater, Florida for a Lesson.
The last lesson I gave was a refresher for a guy from Canada. He brought a friend. They were so excited at the end of the lesson that they insisted on paying me double of what I asked. And they are coming back once they have practiced on what I left them with. When I took Tennis Lessons, I went to the same instructor over and over, he was awesome and I won a ton of money competing with his instructions...I can pass this type of learning along in Disc Golf.
I teach Fundamentals and Proper practice techniques along with mental preparation for Tournaments.
Scott, PDGA #5003. Joe G, PDGA #5740 also gives awesome lessons for the Clearwater Disc Golf Store.
Remember that your max speed should come at the snap. That being said you can continue to gradually get faster as you progress in your ability to throw on a level plain. Start at a speed that you are comfortable and speed up from there.
I was just trying to help my girlfriend with this. I will tell you what I feel. When you are loaded up and taking the last step of your run-up, let you upper body "lean" foward, into your throw. Your throwing shoulder and your chin should line up directly over your foot that you just planted. You might need to add a fraction of a second, a slight delay, before you whip your disc across your body. Your body weight will have time to start "leaning" foward. Keep your plant foot closed and feel the snap as your momentum is sent into the disc! As your leaning into your drive, just let your weight come around, and faword, you will feel a smooth fluid follow through. This sounds simple,but it helps. I remind myself of this every time I'm on the box.

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