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Post pictures of your disc golf carts! I want to make one but I'm not sure where to begin. I don't want to spend over $50 if thats possible. I did see a folding cart at Walmart for $20, but the 2 things I didn't like about it were the small wheels and that I would have to bend down to get my discs.

It looked like this but the wheels were a little bit smaller:

I also have one more question: How much is a PDGA membership and do you have to renew it every year? Also, would it be worth while to buy it if I live in the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater area? I mean, are there many PDGA events there and would I be able to enter them even though I'm a beginner?

Thanks guys.

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Don't waste your money on this cart. It's a light duty cart made to for smooth, level surface. It will not hold up. I built a cart on an old ball golf cart I found at a garage sale for $5. I mounted a wooden shelf on it to hold my disc golf bag. It works well buwould be better with larger wheels. I am looking for a cart with larger tires (bicycle) on it. Maybe a jogging stroller if I can find one cheap.
I looked up golf bag push carts and the cheapest one I could find was $80! Perhaps I could find one for much cheaper at the flea market.
About your pdga membership fee! If you plan on playing in tourneys you should be a member otherwise it will cost you an extra $10 every tourney you play in. join you get a disc,mini,pdga#. with this they will keep track of your rounds, give you a rating, you can compare your scores to what others shot. etc. the list goes on if you plan on playing in 5 or more tourneys it is worth it. if not the choice is yours! hope I helped a little bit. check out pdga.com and click on Climo's name you can check out where he has been, how he did, if he took cash or not (l.o.l.) and you will meet tons of new friends! alot of cool people probably like yourself. anyways good luck and shoot em up! peace out!
Stay away from the larger bicycle tires, they will only cause you problems with flats. Stay with the golf pull cart idea. They are light enough you can drag them over anything. I have see someone replace the air in the tires with insulation foam, the expanding kind for the bicycle type. Not sure if it held up or not, I know they did it to keep from having flats all the time. Just go with a light wieght cart with solid tires.
the pull along golf carts are best and you can go to play it again (a used sport store) and get them cheap. They normally run from $20 to 150 but one of these and a milk crate and some bungees and you have a cart for under $30.
Ball golf pull carts work the best. If you have a Play it Again Sports you could check there for used ones....also watch for yard/garage sales in and around golf course communities...there you may find one real cheap.

The plastic file boxes work great for holding the discs...they can aid in keeping your stuff dry on those less then perfect weather days. Some add 2 boxes....1 for the bottom or a small cooler on the bottom. That depends on your needs. You will need something on the bottom for ballast.

Fasten them with Stainless hardware if possible....use fender washers, wing nuts and pre drill all holes. You want to think about how it comes apart for storage and transporting, so hence the wing nuts. Now depending on the cart, you may have to remove the upper portion of the bag holder from the cart...if your crafty enough use 1x4 to make a nice flat surface to fasten the file box and this helps in beefing up the box where it attaches. Adding a piece of 1/4" ply to the inside will also add some rigidness.

If you use a cooler for the bottom and don't want to drill holes in it, use bungees to attach the cooler.

You can add a small run of capped PVC pipe to the bottom for holding a umbrella or retriever. once it starts coming together...you'll see a number of options you can do....place for your folding stool, etc. Pick up some heavy duty zip ties too. But keep in mind how it will breakdown for transport.

Another option is to pick up a folding handle handtruck...use bungees to attach a milk crate type basket....stick your golf bag in the basket. These folding handtrucks are fairly new so how it will hold up on the disc golf course is yet to be seen. The one's I've seen I think are rated for at least 100 pounds.
A good cart is an asset,but a flimsy cart is an embarrassment.ones that squeek,tip over,or break are not helpful to your game.The cheaper the base or add-on parts are,the greater the chance for failure,like most things in life the more effort you put in the better the results.
god, heres a tip......dont build one.
i agree they r 4 pussys or grand masters,lol,jk. if anything attach wheels to a cooler so it pulls double duty. the idea of disc golf is to get some exercise as well as have fun. if its too much work your doing it wrong. most people just have a folding stool and throw there bags on it so they dont have to bend over, or sit on it when they've had too many :). also its only an advantage on about 40% of courses, the rest of the time its a hassle or a liability.

joshlotto said:
god, heres a tip......dont build one.

I have the Wallaby Bag for a Pull Cart attached to this kind of cart with cooler !!!!

This is my cart, I have 20 bucks in it.

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