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Post pictures of your disc golf carts! I want to make one but I'm not sure where to begin. I don't want to spend over $50 if thats possible. I did see a folding cart at Walmart for $20, but the 2 things I didn't like about it were the small wheels and that I would have to bend down to get my discs.

It looked like this but the wheels were a little bit smaller:

I also have one more question: How much is a PDGA membership and do you have to renew it every year? Also, would it be worth while to buy it if I live in the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater area? I mean, are there many PDGA events there and would I be able to enter them even though I'm a beginner?

Thanks guys.

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hey now,nice ride.

Ken Long said:
Hi Everyone,
As long as we are showing off our disc golf carts for others to get some idea's from...here is mine.
It's pretty much a go anywhere type of cart. Discs fit nicely in the trunk. On rainy days..a top comes up and over the seating compartment to keep me and my driver nice and dry.
The horn works as well for the benefit of slower players.
My cart also works well on Florida disc golf courses or on Medina Ohio courses in summer.
Here it is:
p style="text-align: left;">

I have one of these Golf carts converted for disc golf with a seat and cooler.

I throw my bag on this, folds up and fits in any car.
You can throw a cooler on it also. It is cheap and ready to go!
No need to drive all over looking for garage sales and flea markets wasting time and gas.
You could be at the course throwing instead, pulling your new cart with one finger....
Honestly the only people I have seen with carts are older or they are alcoholics on the course. Essentially the biggest reason that most go with the cart is so they can attach a cooler to it to keep their brew cold and bring about 6-12 more with them. Which is fine...just don't be "that guy." We all have 2 or 3... Some other reasons might be if you are older and your body can't take as much as it used to. (getting closer) If you are playing a lot of rounds in a week. If you are just out of shape and can't handle walking more than 3 miles in an hour span...If the last one is you then well you should look for a treadmill at Play It Again instead and while your there get a starter bag. If none of these apply to you and you are young and can handle it just get a bag. I mean you said you are beginner???? How many disc do you own?? If you have less than 10 just get a starter bag. Or spice it up with a fade crunch or something. Also not all courses are good for carts...no matter how bad ass they are. And most people I have known that thought the cart would be easier on them...they all hate dragging it up the hills and constantly putting stress on their "pull shoulder." And as far as the membership...I think it is worth it just to support the P.D.G.A and register. I would imagine clearwater has a good club and puts on some stuff. I mean it's the home of "The Champ." and cliff stephens is nice.
My cart.
$5 for cart at yard sale. seat/cooler, cup holder. maybe $15 -20 total.
Sorry... late to this dance... I am planning on using my daughters radio flyer wagon a couple times.. :)
The courses I play have rough terrain, lots of elevation changes that are rather drastic and a cart would not benefit me. However, yall have some sweet ones, if I was playing somewhere flatter with open fairways I would have to have one for sure, on the flip side though.......I dont drink more than a bottle or two of water during rounds so it still wouldnt be practical for me. They are very cool though.
Old Jogging Stroller.... Enough said
It's Worth it to spend a little more and get something that will last for a few seasons. Try Googling it , Ebay or Craigs list.

I got mine for $ 60.00 !!!!

This is a link to my Disc Golf Cart. I did a lot of research before buying it and decided a Jogging Stroller was the best way to go. I did about a week of searching of Craigslist to find the best deal. I found one 25 minutes from my house for $20 that was exactly what I was looking for. It took me maybe an hour to trick it out the way I liked. I was going to modify it a bunch like some of the fellas on here but it would've compromised its portability and I couldn't have that. 

On a side not, this cart is not to be used on every course. I have awesome straps for a reason and that is the number of courses that exist that are completely cart unfriendly. I made this cart because I have back problems from years of wake boarding and head banging, plus I don't mind fun projects like these.


Have fun! 



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