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I have been playing about a year. My drives are not very long. I throw a cyclone for a driver. If I try any others theyn tend to just curve to the left and not go very far. I just bought the Nuke driver and I'm terrible with it. Everyone else loves it. What's wrong?

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your to green to handle the speed and power you must have for that driver.
maybe find something slower like a valk or teebird
Too much disc for you at this time? Have you tried a Valkyrie, Sidewinder, Monarch, Beast, Rouge, Vision etc...In other words. Something less stable? Trying to correct technique errors on the net is tough. Ask your local pro for help maybe?
I am somewhat new, though a fast learner. Go look at a Innova Monarch. Depending on your age you may want a lower weight disc. I am not weak by any stretch of the imgination, however I throw 150 and get great results.

Other great 150 discs include the Katana (see herodiscsusa.com). Distance does not come from the disc, it is all about how you throw. This week I threw the Ace Race 09 putter over 200 feet. I am driving with a putter for anything under 200.

I still cannot throw over much over 300ft. I have passed 300ft three or four times.

Also look at throwing midrages. And throw more understable discs.
I top out at 330-340 regardless of if I'm throwing a Destroyer, Boss, or Monarch. But I'm not getting frustrated, I'm just taking the time to perfect my fundamentals and let the distance come with time. To be honest distance should be the least of your worries, if you can get it up to 300 feet then I wouldn't stress about it. Accuracy and consistency is more important to lowering your score. You could also try working over your technique from the ground up with an understable driver.
Thanks for all of the great advise guys.
your not snapping the disc to generate spin to keep the disc stable.
just watch other people and go get some DX plastic that will beat in quick so you can make them mor understable and just go to a field and throw all the discs you own dont worry about where they go for the moment but just practice your distance...thats how i throw 450 consistantly, just practice and watch people
I would say start with an XL less power lots of control.
Try an Avenger SS for max distance. Put a little Hyzer on it and It flips and goes a long ways.
Stick with lower power discs less over Stable. Nuke is good if you are throwing 350' plus. if not you're wasting your time. Learn to throw discs that are easier to throw and work your way up to the more over stable faster drivers as you learn to more control and power.
dont throw high performance disc like the nuke use more beginner friendly discs to work up to those types of discs.
THe weight is the most important thing not the stabilty. A 160 class valkirye would do you find something understable then throw it flat and straight. you won't get better playing on the course you gotta go to a open feild and throw till the arm falls off/
keep working with your cyclone but work on form throwing a mid range. get something that is understable and learn it like mabey a mako or meteor both disc are pretty easy to hit 300 feet with.
Increase your arm speed and snap release.
I would have to check your grip, are you getting it to snap and spin?
Or does it just sorta roll out of your hand with some spin.
You can learn to snap your arm properly by learning to snap a towel well.
The increased arm speed and snap will add to your game as you get better with snapping a towel.
Have a local pro check your grip or watch one of the instructional videos.
You should be gripping the disc tight enough so that the snap you create rips it from your hand...
Spin is what holds a disc in the air, the longer it spins fast, the further it goes.
Lowering your weights can increase spin as it allows the wrist strength to generate more snap and thus more spin.
Adding spin to your disc does not mean to add power...use the towel snap with some follow through. Get it spinning fast! Adjust your angle of release so that it spins or flips up to just past flat and starts to glide.
The disc will curve a bit at the end as the spin dies.
Practice is the only way to understand and improve.

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