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I just started playing. i have played about 8 rounds but practice frequently. I have improved greatly. and my score has gotten better each time out. recently shot a personal best 61 (par 56). I am a RHFH driver. anyway, my drive starts off really well but tends to dive bomb down and right at the end. i want it toflatten out and land smoother. i know it will turn at the end anyway but i hate the way it slams into the ground. dow i need more wrist snap or what?

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you really need to post a video on here of your drives
i know. i was gonna video this past weekend. I was kinda wanting a general answer to somebody that has had that problem. i wonder if i am not getting enough spin.
What are you using for drivers? You may need lighter discs, more understable discs, etc.. Also what is your average drive distance?

I can't help you with your form much, but disc selection just might make an immediate difference, and as the form comes together the disc selection will change. I started out driving equal and sometimes farther than the average player that introduced me to the game, but I also used a beat up Eagle that was fairly understable. I grabbed an overstable disc and my distance was cut in half dive bombing hard left at about 200ft. As I begun to power the overstable discs out to 300+ the Eagle was cut from my bag and replaced with a couple of Valkyries for dogleg right holes.
i have 6 different drivers. i will have to get the weights when i get home. here is what i have.....DX Viking, Star Eagle, Champ. Roadrunner, Pro Wraith, Champ. Wraith and DX Destroyer.
I'd say ditch the Destroyer and Wraith for now and get more beginner friendly discs, Heck the Viking might be pushing it as well. If you are sticking with Innova. Try a Valkyrie, Sidewinder, or a Beast. Some Discraft stuff I tried when I started. Were the XL and XS. Some newer ones might be the Avenger ss or exspress? Try not to do to much when you pratice. Focus on one or two things at a time.
And the Roadrunner dives off too? Most of those discs shouldn't be diving off too hard with a good drive especially the Roadrunner. Maybe you are throwing the disc nose up instead of flat or nose down. Maybe next practice start paying attention to keeping the release perfectly flat, or a little nose down.

I just now got my sidearm under control and I did it by imagining a pencil stuck through my wrist and making sure when I release the pencil would be pointed at the target I'm trying to throw at. Took some imagination, but hey, it worked for me he he. Before that I would drive sidearm, the disc would climb to about 20ft in the air and then start bombing to the right. I was releasing nose up.

It's becoming really nice having both forehand and backhand drives in my arsenal.
your best bet if your just starting would be using a mid range disc like a buzzz until you work out the technique, also starting with a slower disc will allow you to work on rhbh throws too, i started with a a shark, but i wish i had a buzzz or something like that to help me. and keep practicing if you release it flat and it doesnt flutter in the air then most the time it will sit down nice
I had an avenger SS in ESP that flew fairly straight for me, and my forehand needs lots and lots of help. It amazed me as it flew straight and far directly on top of the school where I was throwing. Never found it and never got a call. I mean, what the hell is the maintence guy going to do with a hot pink Avenger SS?
Maybe it's a maintence GAL lol! But hey, when a guy throws it. It's not pink. It's Salmon lol!
Your trouble is not how much wrist snap you have, it the angle of release. A forehand should be thrown low, flat, smooth and balanced. To see an example go to Youtube.com and search Discraft Pro Clinics. There is a forehand driving clinic in the series.

If your disc is bombing down then you are throwing it up (what goes up must come down). You are doing this by pointing the nose of the disc up at the instant of release (the nose is the leading edge of the disc as it travels forward). Release the disc flat and it will fly parallel to the ground, spending its energy going forward not up.

At the end of its flight your disc is cutting right (RHFH). This is called a hyzer and discs naturally do this. In fact it is very difficult to throw a driver perfectly straight. You might notice that some of your discs cut harder and sooner to the right. These discs are more overstable than the others. If you find a disc which bends to the opposite way on the same throwing motion this disc is more understable.

While it requires much practice and good technique to throw a disc dead nuts flat, if you throw it close to flat and straight then it will go straight for most of its flight and only bend at the very end.

Your disc always does what you whatever you make it do. Every throw the flight of the disc will tell you what you did on release. Watch how it bends from start to finish. It did exactly that because your form and power caused it to do that. By paying attention you can learn from the flight of your discs. You might think you are throwing perfectly flat but if the disc doesn't go flat then really you are not. So make adjustments based on what the disc does, not what you think you were doing to it.

There is a special problem with throwing forehand known as flutter. Flutter is that off-axis wobble at the start of a disc's flight. Flutter robs your disc of distance and stability. The smoother you release your shot, the less flutter there is. The best way to increase forehand distance and control is to throw smoother, not harder. Good luck.
thanks Mark. I am gonna go throw saturday and go play sunday. I will work on it. I have watched your clinics many times. very helpful.

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