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I recently got a 171g Star Katana.  Innova claims its an easy distance disc or something like that...  Other than one good forehand hyzer shot, I can't figure the disc out.  I rely on a forehand (other than my 350' thumber) and typically throw a boss or wraith around 280 to 350ish, but not consistently.  I have been searching for that great distance disc and gave the Katana a shot.  Right now the only way I can throw it is with a massive hyzer.

Any tips on throwing it forehand, is it better suited for backhand, what angle should I release it on for max distance, any other input???  Thanks

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If you throw it with a little bit of a curve up like you would throw an anhyzer it seems to make a nice s when its released. I tend to flick my katana for those massive dog leg right shots. But other then that im really pretty shitty with it but i can get a nice s out of it with a flick.
Ya, from what I understand about forehand. People say you need a more stable disc for the same purpose as a backhand. I find the Katana to be kind of like a Sidewinder (very nose angle sensitive). I really try to make sure the front edge is nose down and I put approx 20 to 30 degrees of hyzer on it. Mind you this is all backhand. I find the smoother you throw the Katana, the further it will go. Remember, Innova says "it's for the finness thrower" and for once. There was truth in advertising!lol! If you need something more stable. I've really have grown to dig the Nuke. It handle a pretty good headwind with a little hyzer or even flat. This disc is pretty nose angle sensitive as well, but I'm thinking all the new wide rimmed monsters are. I say this, because I sky these discs more than I've ever done. Now this info is based on a throwing distance of 300 to 330. I would also give it a little more time. It took me a good month or so to get the hang of these discs.
the thing about the Katana is that if you really put power into you are not gonna see any results. It is not designed for power throwers it is intended for finesse throwers. I don't have a huge drive with a boss but i can get the katana out to 330+. As for your forehand shot i would try to flip it IMO.
I don't touch understable discs to forehand. the more overstable the better for that. But backhand I'll take understable all day and the katana is a tricky little piece. I actually throw it will less hyzer anglethan my wraith and that is how I get it to boom. I have also learned that with this a slow smooth throw as opposed to a stronger one yields far more results. All speed 13 discs are touchier in angle adjustments (nose, hyzer, and arm motion). For the katana throw it flat for a little while, then start to add in anhyzer at 5-10 degree increments and watch where the s curve happens.

As for the boss you just have to throw it like a wraith or teerex but hulk it with all your weight behind it.
If you want a solid forehand disc I love my Gold Halo--but you can also use a Firebird, XXX, Predator, or Destroyer and get good distance on a forehand flex shot.
Actually not true with the new Star Katana. The best throws that I have seen with it came from a buddy with a big arm. Powered it out there and let it fade at the end. I'm actually having trouble getting enough power on it so that it flips right before turning left. Hope that it breaks in a bit but I am adapting.
I laugh every time I see one of these threads. I don't mean to be a troll but are you really complaining that you can throw 300' consistently? How accurate are your drives at 280? Maybe you should be working on that and not complaining about your distance...
The thing about the new Star Katana is that a lot of people are probably going to buy it thinking that it's an "easy" disc to throw. When I threw a beat-in one the other day it did fly much like a Sidewinder. That is not at all the case with my shiny new Star. I keep having other players throw it and only one pro has really gotten it down. In fact another pro sneered at me when I suggested that he give it a toss. He had even thrown it before. I don't believe that it's a disc for everyone, but I do think that if you "figure it out" it will show results for you. It might just take a few throws to get there.
Stop throwing it so hard, release flat smooth and level. If you are having problems with the Katana try a Discraft Nuke or a Latitude 64 Halo.
If you can't generate close to 'speed 13' arm velocity with good snap you're gonna hyzer out early no matter what.
You also have to consider the fact you are playing at a high altitude. When I play Lake Tahoe. I pretty much throw a Valk or Sidewinder and they still hyzer out pretty hard.
Honestly, there is not "backhand" disc or a "forehand" disc as any disc can be thrown any way. A lot of people say that overstable is better for sidearm...true if your form is bad. I've seen people throw a buzzz sidearm just as far and straight as I throw it backhand. Watch the Scott Stokely videos and he'll explain it all, great advice and helped my game out.

Start out in a field with stable to understable mids and practice till you can throw them straight, far, and without wobble. Once you've become more proficient you can move to the drivers with the same relative stability. It might be best to just start with putters for sidearm and then move up the ladder.

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