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about 3 weeks ago i become a proud father to my son Dylan. I have been getting alot of info from people about what i need to do and i have noticed that some things work and others dont. So i was wondering if there are any Dad's out there who have gots some hot tips i would love to know about them.


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Congatualations on becoming a dad! Thank God you had a boy... only 1 prick to worry about... if ya had a girl you would have millions of pricks to worry about :)) haaa!

Dude you got years of learning what to do, enjoy this time while they are small because in no time you will be saying damn he used to be so little now he's kickin my @$$ at disc golf. Just be a big kid for now, have fun.

Tip #1/ Use mini's to teach him proper grip, :))
Tip #2/ Run in a loop the Discraft Pro Video Clinics over and over so his first words will be I'M MARK ELLIS :))

Have fun new dad!
cheers for the comments i will keep them in mind!
Congrats on the boy. My biggest advise is remember that your son has joined your life and that managing hobbies and a family takes compromise on all sides keep mom happy and it should all fall into place.:) that's no easy chore lol.
hahaha that is one thing i worked out if mums happy im happy :)
It goes very fast ,i have a 17 month and now a 2 week old both boys .
cherish every moment of it because there big before you know what even happened .
Congrats! I've got two daughters (17 and 10), and the biggest advice I would offer anyone is to allow kids to make mistakes and face consequences. American society doesn't really allow much of that growing up anymore. With newborns, though, just enjoy every moment, every sound, every smell, and every smile. Dylan will only be a baby once.

Congratulations again, now go get some sleep!

Sleep is important but can be tough to get during the first few months. It gets better.

Good luck.
get a practice basket.....that way you can go out and putt for 15-20minutes, cure your discin' jones, yet still be within shouting distance to help our mom!!!!

your putting will improve while helping the new family!!!!!
also..... as your kids age....get em on the course with ya, giving mom a much needed break, exposing them to the greatest sport in the world. My kids(ethan(4), olivia (2.5) and matthew (5 months old)) love to go golfing now.....that off road stroller has seen all three kids in it now.......see my page for pics!

good luck and congrats!
hey now,congrats.A comfortable rocker will help you and son sleep better when he is fussy.Your wife will love you for your help,you will bond closer to your son and wife.Read to your son no matter how young,continue through school age.Music will enhance your childs learning interest.Educational TV and the limit of watching while young will stimulate conversation.Do not use tv as a baby sitter ever!Keep sweets under control,both of our daughters do not crave the sweet addiction to this day,two yrs of age was a reasonable age to limit their intake of sweets(soda,candy,bakery,etc)Their teeth formation and growth will keep the dentist busy with others.Start saving towards their college NOW.Inquire about state educational funding towards college prepaid tuition,also bank programs.Eat healthy,walk,play and exercise as a family.Remember,do not sweat the small stuff.Stay focused as a family unit no matter how many children you decide to bring into this world.Last,but the best advice is to bath and change your children(s) diapers.You will bond once again even closer to your son and wife.help her as much as you can always with children and you will have a long life full of joy.There will be many detours and bumps,you will all survive.Peace.Enjoy the holidays.
Wow!!! Ed...I'm impressed!!! There can't be much that was left out there.

All I can say is cherish this time....they grow way too fast. Mine are 9 and 11 it feels like yesterday....when they were little ones.....depending on your every move. My kids now are at an age where they are working on developing thier identities, gaining some independence and responsibilities. It's cool to watch them grow and learn...but does suck when they grow out of something that was routine for years....take a lot of pictures!!!!

I will add to Ed's point on the reading to them...do it often and don't stop as they grow. Both my girls were reading and comprehending early. Both are on post high school levels now. My 11 year old has been since the 3rd grade....it's actually kind of scary.....that's what my wife says about her...."she's scary smart". Another thing to consider is pre K school instead of daycare. That's If you or your wife can't stay home with them. Actually Pre K is proving to be the best thing for them...they learn early social skills while getting a huge jump on things when they hit the books for real.

I know some will say Home Schooling is the best for a rocket scientist status kid....but they will lose out on key social skills...so if you choose home schooling, find a lot of extra community type stuff to do with him....scouts, soccer....etc. Get him around other kids his own age right away.

Find your local infant swim class....and get started on that when the time is right....you'd be suprised how early they start.

and of course....all the Disc Golf stuff.

Congrats like you i also had a baby boy on the 11th I also have a daughter which she'll be three in january she loves to go disc golfing with me she calls parmallee park in temperence mich the forest. and recently my inlaws baught her a wham o mini set AWESOME for both of us. but all i can say is it was way easier this time around. to bad until summer i only get a couple days a week to play.

well congrats anytime you have a question let me know ill give you my opinion

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