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Hey y'all!


I am very excited, i played my first round of disc golf today at Veteran's park!  I had a great time (when I could find the tees haha) and scored an 84.  I noticed how amazing other people were doing, and was wondering if there was a clinic that maybe someone offered or was willing to hold to go over the basics.  If not, is there a group willing to take on a beginner to maybe walk a few games to learn from veterans?   


Thank y'all so much!!!!


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You live in one of great golf meccas of the world, you should have no problem finding help. Here are a few you tube vids to feed you right away.






THe best:



Good Luck...and enjoy

I have seen that.  I  LOVE TX already, but this just makes it quite a bit better lmao.  


Thank you so much, I have been doing what I can to learn online for a while!  

Thank you sir! :)

In my experience you'll find no shortage of players who are willing to load you full of advice.  Dookville's a great one to listen to, but watch out for others.  Everyone right now will probably look like pros to you; trust me on this- they're not!  Just because a guy is throwing 300 feet doesn't mean much, especially with today's discs getting faster and faster.  Instead, look to copy others you see out playing who are throwing a wide variety of shot types and angles.  


I suggest limiting the amount of discs you play.  Honestly, you'll be fine with nothing more than a putter and a fairway driver, something like an Innova TL.  It's the goldilocks of disc types; not too understable or overstable, not too fast or slow.  The flight mechanics of it will allow you to throw every conceivable shot type, including, annhyzers, hyzers (both forehand and backhand),overheads, upshots and even the occasional rollers.  Commit to it, and don't throw anything else until you can do everything with it!  That way, you'll have a great baseline comparison to use when you do finally start adding more plastic to the bag.  Whatever Discraft's closest rival to the TL would probably be fine too.  


I envy you, man.  The beginning is an exciting time!  Good luck!



here's a good putting video i never 3 putt any more!


get a discraft buzzz or an innova roc they will be your bread and butter.

Hi Michael!

 come on out to either the Sunday mini ( be there by 9:30, starts at 10 )  or the Wednesday mini, which starts at 6.

 the Arlington group is a great bunch and will be very helpful .


Thank y'all very much..  I honestly did not know there were this many active people on the forums, it is great!   


I got a basic Innova starter kit and a starter bag (I was AMAZED at how affordable this sport is, most things are too expensive to even start).  I have a Leapord for the driver, a Shark for mid-range, and an Avair P&A for the putter (I am told the Avair will last me a while).  I hope those will work.  The main problem I saw so far was the fade (I think).  I throw and the disc goes up, hooks left, and comes back.


I will go to Veterans Park at 6 for the mini (I am guessing it is kinda like a miniature tournament?)  It would be great to meet with everyone and learn as much as I can.  I will probably have all the videos y'all recommended memorized by then as well haha.  


Thank y'all again

I would recommend playing with the aviar only till you can get it out to 250 feet accurately and consistently. Then add the shark. Do the same thing with the shark but try to get it out to 300+feet accurately and consistently. Last add the leopard. Don't go out and buy the latest and greatest. Stick with what you have and learn those discs. All of those discs you should be able to throw all shots with, hyzer, Anhyzer, and straight. Good luck man and welcome to this great sport!
the video's are all good, there are also some very good articles about technique on discgolfreview.com
Welcome to the Addiction Michael!

The disc goes up and hooks left because you aren't keeping it flat when you throw it. Pull the disc through like you are starting a lawnmower or snapping a towel. Keep all of the motion of the dics straight through and it will go quite far. I gave this advice to a girl on the course yesterday because I saw her starting the disc very high and then dropping it before throwing. I went over to her, stood behind her and told her to start the disc back where I was and then pull through. She immediately doubled her distance.


Also learn the X-step and do it slow and smooth. Good footwork sets you up for a good throw.

There you go, you're on your way now brother, great group down at Arlington.

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