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I tried to pick up Disc Golf last year and became frustrated at my lack of progress (Frisbee-throwing alluded me as a kid, too). Eventually I ended up selling my discs for cash and haven't played since. Now I'm looking to hit the reset button and be more disciplined in learning how to play properly, rather than try to rush in to it.

That being said, I'm looking for a single beginner disc to train myself with. I am most familiar if Innova and was thinking about the Aero or Archangel. Can anyone offer advice?

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That explains a lot of what happened this morning.
I'm only familiar with one local course that has water, and its not even really flowing. Thanks for the tip, though.

Rescue, what's a water disc? Is it a type that floats or something, or just an expendable disc?
Just don't do like me, someone gave me an old Roc to play with, I played once and went out and bought about $150 worth of discs knowing nothing about the game. Well after bragging about all of my new discs a guy we deemed "Crazy" Mike (He lived in his truck at the disc golf course) told me to put everything in my trunk except my Roc and NOT use them until I could consistently throw that Roc 200+ feet legitimately close to the line I wanted.

While I wasn't playing or working I was studying driving techniques online and on youtube.

I typically met up with Mike after work, and he'd keep my head right by telling me to calm down, don't over throw, concentrate to technique and accuracy not distance (Man I wanted that 200' mark so I could throw all my shiny colorful drivers). Within a week or so I graduated to my drivers.

Of all of those discs I bought that first set, I only have both Rocs, a Valkyrie, a Crush, and a Sidewinder left out of the original bunch. The rest didn't work that well for me so my girlfriend took the ones she liked, and I traded around the rest until I traded into a disc that worked for me.

Since then I have been hesitent to buy new discs until I have thrown them a couple of times.

My current bag: (can throw both backhand and forehand)
1st Run Katana (I love this thing!)
1st Run Groove (Been lonely since I got the Katana)
1st Run Boss (dependable as it gets.)
Star boss
1 Star Destroyer (Forehand driver)
Elite-z Crush (About to become a hand me down, but it is a beautiful tie dye. I might wall hang it.)
2 Champion Valkyries
1 Champion Sidewinder
1 Opto Line Riot
2 DX Rocs
1 Evolution Wizard
1 Medium Wizard

It took me 6 different types of putters before I found the Wizards, and I now have 8 166g Wizards, but only keep 2 on me at a time the rest are backups, I love this putter THAT much. It was about a year before I developed enough power to take advantage of the speed 13 Drivers (Boss, Groove, Katana) so don't be tempted by the thought of these new discs.

Make friends, and try out their discs when they aren't throwing them (With permission of course :D). Find out what works best for you, and call it a day. The hardest thing you will find is finding that putter that feels right and gives you the confidence to make runs at the basket rather than laying up for a close put.
Floating ones are the best option if you are willing to swim in to get it. Dragons, Hydras, most 150 series, most Lightning brand discs, and most Odyssey drivers float.

You might also be happy if you get one of these.

You might just be able to fill up a bag skimming the bottom with one of those things for an hour or two. Of course Karma says you at least attempt to return the discs with recognizable names and numbers on them. Even if you get in touch with people I'd bet 90% of them will just tell you to keep it.
It's just a disc I don't mind loosing. However, some of the R-Pro discs float. Not sure of the weight cut off though. I even had a Discwing K2 @ 167g that floated, but it got to beat up. The Retriever is cool. It's paid for itself 10 times over, but I have to see the disc to get it. Some of the guys who fish. Seem to be able to feel a disc when they are skimming. Not I!
I had a couple good rounds yesterday using my Aero. I held my own in a doubles game and went toe-to-toe with my more experience disc golfer friend (well, toe-to-toe for the first 9). Thanks for your help, everyone!
I've never been able to throw a disc straighter then an AERO I just recently. lost. Didn't go much more than 150' or so, but would do it on a line. Loved that disc, I just outgrew it.
Yeah, my friends were amazed how straight I was able to get it. The most experienced of us (by far) said he'd probably go out and pick one up. Interestingly enough, I managed a few decent S curves through the trees with it, too!
Glad you're finding success with that Aero. Learning a putter like you are doing is one of the smartest things you can do because it will make you a complete player and give you a solid short game for approaches. On long courses in the woods many players (myself included sometimes) reach for the driver thinking they need to get the farthest down the fairway they can. If it's 400' and you can't throw that distance, you're often better off throwing a midrange or putter 200' twice because you know it's not going to get very far off line. Keep learning, you're right on track (this time around). :-)
Thanks Brandon, I appreciate that.

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