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does anyone else have a favorite course, that you play often; is close to where you live; has many people who love the sport as locals; enjoy every time you get to play this great, fun sport; but have one or two guys  that seem to be there for all the wrong reasons? making it less enjoyable for all?


talking to said person reasonably yeilds no results; in fact only provokes and angers them further and the point is not taken.


my main concern is the effect this might have on the neighbors of the course; city-owned property, etc,; eventual law enforcement involvement (which has allready happened.... ) ..... leading to the enevitable closure of the course due to public complaints....  


looking forward to any responses/ideas to deal with this situation legally..  i dont want the city to close a course due to complaints of one person who can't seem to get along with everyone else.. 



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Is he between the age of 22 to 30 yrs old? If this was a sudden change it could be a psych issue or some other medical problem. This some times goes undetected and the one who is suffering from this, doesn't know it as well. So they tend to abuse booze or drugs to help control the mood swings. He could also have some issues at home that brought on this behavior. It just seems odd that he was once a nice person and them all of a sudden turns into this monster.
If this is not the case. Then you should confront him as an entire group and tell him he is not welcome until he gets his act together.
I don't know but he probably needs a psychological assessment by some health authority ........ maybe he just needs to start taking meds he's already been prescribed ...... anybody know his parents? .... he's probably just sick ..... you could be sick next.
Could you do to him what he does to every one else? Pound him every time you see him at the course, then maybe he would stop coming. No pushing or threats, as soon as he sighted beat him down if it cant be done alone get help. Beat down on sight!! That might work.
I agree. Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, and many other mood disorders have a tendency to manifest in a person's early twenties. Or he could have turned into a tweaker or pill junkie....
This is not a disc golf problem. He needs help. Go here:

Give the law a chance.Here if you shout curses in front of kids,a cop will come and talk about it.The police take the name ,make a report.After this happens two or three times arrests are made.I use to want to handle these things in person,but I've seen things get out of hand.Bad results can happen!
Unfortunately there seems to be always someone.

Give them their own rope.
They will eventually hang themselves, if they can't learn from experience.
And don't bring the rest of you down with them.

Personally I wish that I had the authority, and a ray gun!
Reminds me of the Bruce Cockburn song "If I had a rocket launcher, some son-of-a-b!*@% would die!"
get him addicited to crack? he'll be so busy chasing his next high you'll never see him again.
shiiiii.....t, yea right, he'll be worse, forced to rob innocent discgolfers. Is this what happens if you never get an ace? you go crazy? i kinda sympathize if that's the case with this guy, lol. hey, no, seriously, you can hire me, i make him go away.
umm, i think the violence was said jokingly......................... Off with his head.
"...............Put him in the Iron Maiden!!!"

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