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does anyone else have a favorite course, that you play often; is close to where you live; has many people who love the sport as locals; enjoy every time you get to play this great, fun sport; but have one or two guys  that seem to be there for all the wrong reasons? making it less enjoyable for all?


talking to said person reasonably yeilds no results; in fact only provokes and angers them further and the point is not taken.


my main concern is the effect this might have on the neighbors of the course; city-owned property, etc,; eventual law enforcement involvement (which has allready happened.... ) ..... leading to the enevitable closure of the course due to public complaints....  


looking forward to any responses/ideas to deal with this situation legally..  i dont want the city to close a course due to complaints of one person who can't seem to get along with everyone else.. 



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Its sad that things like this happen! I hope someone can get him the help he needs. Sounds like something is wrong to me if he has done a 180 in his manner! Good luck with everything!
i hope so...
I believe you are entitled to get a copy of the police report (public Info). go to the arresting agency...bring cash most charge per page or something....Well, call first to get the procedure. This will let you know what exactly he's charged with. Might be too early for anything to show up at the clerk of court's office...but it will eventually. There you should find court dates, judge info, prosecuting DA. Have anyone serious enough about ridding your park of this dude...to prepare written statements of their experiences with this cat. Make sure they (DA, Judge) get this information.
You are right, but I think that the point that was missed. Is that you use to have a "mellow, fun golfer" who has gone sideways. That sucks, I wish him well and hope some one steps up and he gets help. Heck, I could be wrong and the guy is a total jerk, but you are so quick to throw him under the bus.
He probably has a brain tumor.
You might have a group of you talk to the city attorney, express your concerns about him and the changes of behavior. You might be able to have them get a mental evaluation.
we have a couple bad apples at our course, one will never change. The other guy was just dumb and once we talked to him and asked him to join the club he chilled out. You have to confront them tactfully.
If you have a mental history you cant even purchase a gun (leagally).In Texas we have a conceiled handgun liscense,that tends to keep people more on their toes.Be carefull who you mess with.More women have this liscense than men in this state alone.It gives respect for who you talk to and how a whole other level.
well, don't know what happened, but havent seen the apple for a good 2 weeks now....
the incident with the gun may have been rumor.... or a fake gun; never confirmed existence of said gun, etc.. because he was out of jail later that same night.. that wouldn't happen if it was a real gun and a real threat...

just playing it by ear now, he may have given up and found a new place to frequent... (hope i didn't just jinx everything..)

thanks all for your ideas and advice...
its too bad that we have to even talk about topics like this, i guess there are just some people out there who dont get it.. this is a sport that is #1 supposed to be FUN...
Why is it that the first thing people always come up with is "There going to close the course"? You need to take action first and not worry about other stuff. I can't even count the number of times I have heard the "They are going to close the course" thing in regards to all kinds of stuff. Fifteen years later our course is still here. That being said, people need to get collectively involved (including police and city officials) with this problem. Collect evidence (use a cell phone camera) and show it to the authorities. If the authorities see that you are trying to do something positive in regards to the problem they will be on your side. Don't let fear get the best of you. That is what this bad apple wants and then he wins!
Guys like that are why animals in the wild eat their young.

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