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ok so i run a league and course par is 54 how do i handicap scores properly like if someone shoots +10 then do the get -10strokes for the next round how does it work?

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You should have at least 3 rounds minimum per player to establish a handicap.
... after that, you can decide how many rounds to use to keep handicaps....3,4,5 or 10 or whatever. When a players adds a new round they also drop the oldest one. Keep a running average. We multiply each players handicap by .8. This keeps the super high handicaps in check. Round up at .5, for example a player has a 57.5 average...That's -3.5, round up to (actually down because of the negative number..you'll get the idea) -4 x .8 = -3.2 = -3. A player has a 77.8 average, that's a -23.8 round up to 24 x .8 = -19.2 or -19
Save a lot of work and look into the DGU league system. Free for PDGA members and only $10 a year for everyone else. Saves league directors time and hassle plus it's a more accurate system than anything out there: http://www.discgolfunited.com/

Players can also maintain their own handicaps separate from league for any rec or tournament rounds on any course.
We also freeze all regular players with more then 50 rounds on the books for 6 months...something new we're trying this year.seems to cut down on the sandbagging plus any round over +7 over the established handicap gets washed...also to prevent sandbagging.
Simpler terms.... 57.4 is 57 - 57.5 is 58 either way it works out to be the same
our club handicaps everyone based from 40 the idea being that none of us are shooting 14 under par, so if you shoot even par your handicap would be a 14, shoot 4 under your handicap is 10, shoot 6 over your handicap is 20. that gets you started after 2 rounds. then it averages after that. So if I've shot 5 rounds and my average score for those was a +2, my handicap is 16. Hope that helps.
handicap leagues are retarded and so confussing that the people running it can cheat. Keep it simple random doubles, if you are an adv. player and get a beginner for a partner then u will have to carry him or her. If you get two beginners together (oh well suck it up). Play your best. I started 15 yrs ago with no handicap (why should i give up strokes?) of any kind, now i can hold my own. That is why they call it random doubles. I shoot pool in winter(no handicap there) Bring your own partner(and better make it a good one too). In Fox valley area in wis. they have been doing nonhandicap random doubles for like 30 yrs or more. Some people come out to play once a week and can't fig. out why they can't keep up. Ya got to play alot of disc golf to get better. I play atleast three 18 hole rounds a day and putt putt putt.
I was gonna say hit yourself in the foot with a hammer, but that's a different kind of handicap ;o))
I concur Dave, to hell with the handicap. Handicapping doesnt give the new player a reason to play more and get better. However, the only good thing about it is you keep the less advanced players interested that way because they feel like they have a chance of winning. More numbers in league makes the play more interesting but thats the only good thing about it. If we have more than usual on league night, its all about random doubles. I have never been given strokes and certainly wouldnt want them to help my win, because really i havent won anything unless I shoot below my handicap and below the next place finisher, thats retarted.

I envy the fact that you can shoot so much. I try to play 18 a day but I cant always achieve this due to family time. I do however putt everyday for atleast a half hour at my home target.

Practice is key, handicapping should be erased from the game altogether.

Just my opinion.......good luck.
now that's funny....LMAO
We run a handicap league for singles events only (not for random draw doubles). It is a fair way for players of a variety of skill sets to compete. Doubles is fun, but you will improve more if you have to stand and fall on your own. (Doubles also can produce a lot of bad habits). To keep the upper players interested, we also pay a bonus to the best raw score.

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