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Disc golf is new to the area where I live. Our first local course was opened in 2010.

Last year I got involved in starting a local club with a bag tag. This year we hosted 4 tournaments and had over 60 players compete in our bag-tag challenge.  However, there is one player who I am pretty sure is cheating!

Early in the summer I played a bag-tag round where I was in a foursome with him, where he kept score.  I was having a good round and was sure I was winning the card.  When we got to the last hole he announced the score and was four strokes ahead of me.  I thought it was strange seeing as how he really hadn’t had a good tee shot and had spent a lot of time in the ruff.  Since then I have been on the same card with him several times (none of which did he keep score) and have had questions about the scores he claims for at least 2 holes a round.

It’s not just me I’ve spoken to others who have the same opinion after playing with him.  Plus, during a tournament in which I was the TD, 3 players who were the same card as him in different rounds stated that they really doubted he had shot as well as the scores he turned in. However no one was willing to swear to the fact.  He ended up winning his division. 

My question is how much proof is needed and how can the proof be obtained to prove that he is cheating?  What action should we take to stop his cheating?

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Have him declare score out loud like required and everyone in the group keep separate card, which should match at the end.

Ask for the scores after each hole. Don't let him keep the scores.


actual PDGA tournaments we keep the paper score

and a cell phone score (apps are available).

This keeps the scores checked.

And of course keep scores properly.

Announce the scores after each hole and pass the score keeping around, don't rely on one person.

The problem is the score he reports at the end of each hole.

We are talking about someone who will put his drive from the tee deep into the woods and still make par.  Anyone else that drives into the same woods will boogy or double boogy 99% of the time.  Every round he plays there are players questioning his score on at least one or two holes.

This is not someone who is smart enough to cheat without it being aparent if you pay attention.  If you question his score he gets pissed and wines about how he's being cheated for the rest of the round.  As a result most players seem to want to avoid the hassle of argueing with him.

well as a TD you can always just let him know that he is not welcome at the event you're running.. when he asks why let him know that you've had several, credible reports questioning the integrity of his scores. and as a TD I would say that not only do you have the right, you have the responsibility to do what you must to insure a level playing field to all participants. I'm not sure if it matters if he is a PGDA member or not.. if he is this might be something to ask for their guidance(what is the protocol to determine guilt ect.) with. 

I hate babysitting anyone while I'm playing. Your going to need a person watching every shot he throws. To bad if he doesn't like it.

yeah I was thinking that bird-dogging him would be the prime way to insure a correct score, but damn what a way to ruin such a fun sport.. if he isn't playing with any kind of honor and integrity, he'll cheat any chance he gets.

How hard is it for the players with him to say, "Your drive hit the tree, your shot from there went in the bush, your shot out of the bush landed on your green, you made your putt---that's FOUR, not three."?

Honestly.  Even among non-cheaters, sometimes on a bad hole someone miscounts.  Everyone else is paying attention and politely corrects him. 

The other advice is all good.  Everyone calls out scores, including the scorekeeper.  The card is passed around, so he only has it for 4 or 5 holes.  And if there's still doubt, someone keep a shadow card and, before the official card is turned in, make sure they agree.

Ultimately, if you've got people complaining about a cheater but unwilling to call him out, there's not much you can do.


Right now our game of disc golf is based on honest people playing honestly.

99% follow this rule.

It's that 1% that believe that they can do whatever they want to win.

It is a real pain in the ars, to watch someone else play their game.

It becomes not only a nuisance but a major distraction, which can make you lose your focus on your own game.

Suggest that you discuss the rules be followed period.

Find a way not to play in this guys group.

Or everyone in your group needs to confront the joker BEFORE the round starts (diplomatically if possible).

But, unfortunately the guy will no doubt defend his honesty.

Fortunately, if they are cheating like they they will never make pro because of everyone watching closely :)


It's really a simple problem to solve. Everyone calls out their scores after each hole. If all are watching, even slightly. You call him out on his score and continue to do so. After a few holes, I think he will get the hint. Sorry to say this, but it's the people he is playing with that are being the whiners if they don't want to step up and fix the issue. I mean, if your not going to do anything about it. Then play on and let him win.

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