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By that I mean someone who throws more than 1 disc into the basket. They piss me off because they slow down my group. I think if they want to practice then they should go to a practice hole.

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I throw multiples just because i am trying to learn the game. If someone else is on the course then i just throw one.
got to learn some where
I only throw one, because in real play, there are no extra throws when you mess it up, so when you do, dont throw one, because it is gonna prolly go in , instead buck up , get pissed at yourself and dont do it again, better luck next time or should I say more discepline....
I agree with most everyone else. Why not play 2 rounds at once if you're not being hurried. But if you are, than just throw one or let the speed demons play through. I am only throwing 2 because I am practicing for a game where I will only be able to throw 1. Until then, I will throw as many as I want
It really doesnt make sense to throw multiple shots when playing with others. By yourself u can practice all u want to, but with others u will tend to lose the second or third shot because u get distracted by them and walk away forgetting u threw multiples.....I have done this and since tend not to throw but one disc when with others........it will also slow down a group and thats not cool.
I do mind if i am walking up retreive my putt and someone is taking a second putt and hits me with it.....you should only throw one shot when playing with others.......multi shots are for u practicing alone, with no one else around to hit.
IT IS RUDE TO THROW MORE THAN ONE DISC WHEN YOU HAVE A GROUP BEHIND YOU BUT...YOUR A MAN? There is this technique in sales called the assumption close. Use this, just assume since they are throwing more than one disc that you should play through. After they throw, step right up and fire yours down the fairway. If they have a problem then fire a Champ Firebird into the bridge of their nose. Check their pulse to make sure they are alive, then walk down the fairway and hit your putt.
Every hole is not a practice hole. When Im out playing a round it is not practice. Has nothing to do with tolerance, it has everything to do with common courtesy. For anyone who doesnt have a overabundance of time, throwing multiple shots is annoying as hell. Not to mention it is not going to make you a better discer. Making sure every shot counts will.
Haha, Ive never thrown a Champion firebird, maybe somthing a little less stable
Every hole might be a practice hole. It depends on what I am using the round to accomplish. I played a round yesterday throwing three rollers on every hole along with a buddy who did the same. We didn't hold anyone back. As soon as a group can in sight we waived them through.

During a tournament round I only throw too many shots when I mess up.
I don't mind if people take multiple shots as long as they are polite about it. If they aren't it can be one of the biggest annoyances around. But the same can be said about big groups. I don't know how many times I have been at Rolling Hills and get stuck behind groups of 8 or more that wont let you play through even after you ask nicely.

As for throwing multi discs, personally, I only do it when I am alone. I set aside 1 driver, 1 Middy & 1 Putter for each "player" and then keep scores on those indivual discs. I limit each driver to only using 2 types drives (that way I cannot throw every disc the same way). It makes for some interest play and I find out that some shots that I thought would be no good for holes are actually pretty decent. Plus it helps me improve my game as a whole! I ALWAYS let people pass me up or play through, and I ALWAYS ask them if they want to do so and NEVER wait. I think that is the key.
If I'm playing a practice round (which I do fairly frequently-typically by myself) I certainly throw multiple drives, approaches, and/or putts...because I'm practicing. If golfers come up behind me I wave them through.
If the person you are behind is doing this every hole, and not offering to let you play through, ask them politely if you can. I find people will let you play through if you ask them nicely. If you do encounter a person that refuses to let you through, jump over to a different hole. That's easier than wasting negative energy that will typically mess up your own game more than anything else.

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