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I'd like to hear how people practice putting.
I have a small yard, only 43 feet from house to fence. I have my basket set up 4 feet from the house and rock markers leading to the other end of the yard. I putt from the first one at about 14 feet i think, then I move back 5 feet to the next marker, If i miss I start from the closest marker again. I only use one putter, it helps build pressure the further I get away from the basket.

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yes use only one type of putter,but use like 3 or 4 of the same kind and same wieght,i usually putt for an hour,and also throw approach shots from 80ft out with a stack of 180g rocs,to build confidence about going for the basket outside putting range,i do this 3 times a week.so as not to over do it,i putt with the arrow putter,for the past 3 yrs.
Get more putters in the same exact style and weight that you currently have and practice that way. You can normally buy x out discs from the manufacture that have a cosmetic defect but no flight problems and practice with those. There normally cheaper then buying a nice new one from the store.
I have a pretty big yard, about 75ft x 50 ft with lots of plants and trees. I have about 10 different designated spots different distances, and two from different spots on my deck to help with elevation. I find that moving around the basket can also help with wind direction also.
I use two putters and continuously putt from each spot until I make both of them and then move on to the next spot. I don't necessarily start at the shortest distance and move back, I like to mix it up.
I also try to plan some of my putts close to or in between different trees and bushes. My favorite one to practice is across the pool, when I set the basket right next to it so if I brick, I drop in the drink, or sometimes I put the basket right in front of the pool so if I over shoot I end up in the drink. I find that helps build pressure.
For approx 30 min. I will putt from 15 to 20 feet alternating between staggared and straddle putting. After that, I work on jump putting from various distances. Then I will putt from the disc that is furthest out(from missed jump putts). I always use the same routine for the first 30 min (15 to 20 feet putting), but I mix up the latter half. So instead of jump putts. I will work on, loft putts, scoober putts, side arm etc.. So basically any possible type of escape shots. I also practice with four putters. All APX swirls at approx the same weight.
You should youtube Mark Ellis' putting clinic. It's a good watch. The jist, putt from a distance were you will make 100% of your putts. Be it 5 feet or 20 feet. It's all about TRUE confidence not brovado.
I normally do 100 putts. I mark out 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 feet from the basket. Then I take 5 of the same putter and start at 10 feet, then get progressively farther away doing 5 putts at each stop. I do that circuit 4 times. To me, it builds confidence at the closer spots but also shows what distance I start have trouble at so I can work on it.
putting practice is all about confidence and routine, I only use 2 putters, same style same weight, then it's the same routine I'll use during a round. I start at 15' then 20, then 25, then 30, and reverse the order back down to 15. 10 putts from each distance. I also like to put my basket on top of the picnic table and work on elevated putts. I'll even climb up on the table and putt down to the basket. I've got a lot of ground so I also work on upshots from 75' out to 200'
I started out with 2 166 Wizards, one is a medium, one is Evolution.

I recently ordered 6 X-out Wizards in 166g weight. I start out putting at about 10 feet, then move back to 15 feet, then move back to 20 feet so on and so forth out to about 40 feet. If I miss more than one out of the 8 I repeat at that distance until I get 7 out of 8. Once completed I start doing the same with turbo putts. Then practice random escape putts from random areas around the yard for fun. Also get someone to play a round of horse with you.

At home I am a putting stud, If I could put on the course like I putt at home I would play almost every game 5+ under. But on the course, even after good putting practice my putting blows. Sad part is everyone thinks it's pressure. I'm non competitive in nature and could really care less what my score is so I don't really feel any pressure on the course ever. I mean I play to play well, don't get me wrong, I just don't put any pressure on myself, it's not like I lose anything if I miss.

I don't get it....
At a friends home course they have an "Around the world" practice basket. Where there is a brick marker set at 10" and then move back 3 feet and to the left at every marker out to 40 feet. The goal is to make each put and go all the way around the basket.

My girlfriend and I play a game of catch with a disc where we have to hit about torso range. The top of basket to the top of our shoulders is about the size of the target to hit chains. We toss one disc as we both use the mold and position ourselves near trees, bushes, and all that sort of thing. It has both pressure and builds confidence. The big rule though is that if the catcher has move their arms away from their body it probably didn't make it. She became good QUICK because of this and it has helped me a lot too.
Maybe during a round you're overthinking the putt.
That's how I was practicing, but I found that I wouldn't set up and really try at the first two stations. I came up with a scoring format that penalized for missing the short ones and also rewarded for hitting longer ones.

@ 15 feet: Made +1 Missed -3
@ 20 feet: Made +2 Missed -2
@ 25 feet: Made +3 Missed -1
@ 33 feet: Made +5 Missed -0

I have 5 putters when I do this and if I make the first 4, the fifth one counts double.

Try setting an initial scoring goal. Mine was 15. After you hit 15, try to beat the record. Now, my record is 29. That seems pretty low considering the max points is 66. The key to put yourself in a position to break your record is making the first 10 shorties.

Per station Scoring: (this will let you see how missing the shorts can really screw up your score)

Make 5 = +6
Miss 1 = +1
Miss 2 = -3
Miss 3 = -7
Miss 4 = -11
Miss 5 = -15

Make 5 = +12
Miss 1 = +6
Miss 2 = +2
Miss 3 = -2
Miss 4 = -6
Miss 5 = -10

Make 5 = +18
Miss 1 = +11
Miss 2 = +7
Miss 3 = +3
Miss 4 = -1
Miss 5 = -5

Make 5 = +30
Miss 1 = +20
Miss 2 = +15
Miss 3 = +10
Miss 4 = +5
Miss 5 = +0
I have almost the perfect yard to practice putting. It has some great elevation changes and lots of trees and a few buildings. This setup allows to practice what I'd face in the disc golf course. I use 4 putters all max weight SS Voodoos. I follow a lot of what the Mark Ellis putting video does and my own mix of things. I usually practice what I know I miss when I'm in tourney's or in leagues. I haven't put together any games like a lot of you have other than horse. I'm going to have to try what some of you suggested and see how it works out.

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