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Can anyone help me understand the relationship between the rotational speed of a disc when that disc is thrown as an anhyzer?  I had always been under the impression that when throwing a disc, if you put more spin on the disc it will turnover or anhyzer for you.  The more spin, the more turnover/anhyzer you get.
I actually had a local pro tell me that the more spin you put on a disc, the more stable it becomes and that did not make sense to me.  Maybe I heard him incorrectly.  I dunno.
I'm not that great at throwing anhyzers.  When I try, usually with a mid-range disc like a Comet, Mako or Buzzz, I try to snap it as hard as I can to get that fast spin on it so the disc will keep turning over.  Yet, I see other guys who don't seem to put as much effort into as I do and they get a much better anhyzer or turnover throw.

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The more your disc spins the less stable it becomes due to (Off axis turn) OAT. The more spin you put on any shot the more possibility of the disc going anhyzer during it's journey.

Try throwing the anhyzer with your body and arm rather then your wrist.
I use understable discs for anhyzer shots, like a Monarch (-4) or Sidewinder (-3). I have a broken-in Valkyrie that does well, too.
The discs you mentioned are a lot more stable. I bet you'd be able to throw an anhyzer shot a lot better with an understable disc (high speed turn of -3 or more).

4u2NV makes a good point, too. Begin anhyzer shots with the disc up near your shoulder or ear, and release it lower, like at chest level. That puts your wrist in the proper alignment for the disc to turn to the right.
Unless there's off axis torque involved, spin makes a disc hold whatever line you released it on longer. More spin causes the disc to hold the anhyzer line. Some discs turn harder when thrown harder, this is more about speed than spin.
I think this response is closer to being accurrate. Disc speed causes the disc to turn over, not spin. You didn't misunderstand the local pro you were talking to. More spin makes the disc more stable. Not overstable...stable, or straight on the line you put it on. So it won't turn as much, but it won't fade out as much either...or at least as early.

A tip for anhyzers is to try bending your back a bit with something close to your normal throw. Don't try to turnover your wrist to throw an anhyzer. Make sure you have good thumb pressure and use your arm motion to come up and over the top. I think the comet is the only one of the three that you're going to have initial sucess with, but I'd recommend picking up a lightish (160-170g) stingray or a similar weight discraft stratus. 150 class star sidewinders are really an effortless driver to turnover and are a lot of fun to use. Let us know how things go.
Well first thing i would say is, it has to do with the disc. Also i don't think you want to use your comet for that, but then again, its what works for you. I have had two comets and i use them just for straight as an arrow shots. I use an anhyzer all the time with a star Wraith 170 and i can get all different curves out of it. mostly i use this shot for a drive. I am slowly trying to work it into my mid range because it cuts down on my disc skipping away from the basket after it hits the ground. when i tend to throw at a slower speed less spin it tends to not "s" as much, it flips back to its natural side faster. Also from some things I've read in the comments i think the pro was right. How i learned to throw an anhyzer was to drop my front shoulder a bit as you release. the more you drop it the more its going to go to the unnatural side. Good Luck!
I want to thank all of you for your replies. I went out this evening and worked on my anhyzer and turnover shots incorporating the suggestions you all have made. Wow...I mean WOW, what a difference, what an improvement, oh what a feeling.

Thank you :)

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