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At the USDGC this year the TD wanted to have a rules exception that would create a putting circle around the basket 1.5 meters out. If your disc landed within this radius then you would have to mark it somewhere along the circle creating a 5 foot putt instead of a drop in the reasoning being that a drop in is not a good golf shot and you can merely drop it in even place it in without a throw, that is somehow seen as wrong anyway what an absurd idea, really dumb, anyone care to defend the new proposed rule?

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Punishment for throwing good shots is having to throw yet another shot? Well I wouldn't play any event that would have such a rule. Where's the basket in the ground to make up for the artificially raised baskets? That's what I want to see.

Plus it would just slow down the game.
This strikes me as much to do about very little.

It sounds like the primary motivation for the rule is aesthetics (it would look more professional to onlookers). Drop in putts are now often done quite casually, bag on shoulder, dropped in as the player strolls past the hole. Whether a gimme putt follows the specifics of the rule (a disc propelled rather than placed in a basket) could be easily remedied with a slight change in the language of the rule and is not, by itself, a good reason to create a putting circle.

As an aside, when I started playing there was a special term known as a "Grand Rapids Putt", named for the lovable drunks from that Michigan city. A Grand Rapids Putt was done with bag on shoulder and the non-throwing hand holding both a cigarette and a beer. Actually making the putt was optional. The courtesy rules were also quite relaxed and a function of the intoxication level of those present.

Given the time and money the hosts of the USDGC invest year after year, and their track record of successfully implementing fresh challenges, I would grant wide latitude to the TD's to try new and inventive things. If any other group or company chose to step up in a similar way they too should be allowed the same discretion.

One of the goals of a good tournament is to crown the player who played best the first place trophy. This rule in no way prevents that from occurring: nor do yellow rope, elevated baskets, island holes or buncrs.

So I have no problem with the concept and would actually applaud it, IF, on certain holes for Pro divisions of elite tournaments, the putting circle was made significantly larger. I also like the idea of smaller, narrower baskets. However, it would be nice if any of the baskets caught solid putts to the center of the chains, which most of the current designs fail to do with adequate regularity (sorry for the thread drift).
say what????????????????????????
Agreed. But requiring use of a larger diameter putter for pros inside 10m or 15m would be cheaper, easier and quicker to implement than changing the installed base of baskets to a smaller size.
Why not making driving harder instead of putting? More par-5's. Or maybe we can grease the tee pads before every tournament, that's a good solution to making the game harder and makes just as much sense to me.
All putts within 3.5m must be done opposite handed from your driving hand. Drive RH, putt LH.
It will look better to the spectators. They'll laugh just as hard at that as they would at this foolish rule.
I love GR, and will start referring to drinking smoking putters accordingly. Thanks Mark.
To many other things that need to be looked at. Sounds lame! I guess nobody watched the Presidents cup? Were they pretty much conceded any putt within a few feet.
Where are these so called galleries that are going to be so exicited watching the 5 ft putts. The only thing I see wrong with the game is nerdy new ideas. And the idea that potheads are keeping us off tv is ignorant. Ever see skateboarding or snow boarding or surfing, I guess not.
I think baseball should make a new rule similar to this. If a batter bunts, no player can pick up the baseball until it rolls 5 ft. (10 ft would be better) If it never rolls 5 ft then it would be the same as a home run. Spectators would love it.
It would be justified by saying that the people putting the game on have worked so hard at it they have the *ahem* "right"? to make as many foolish rules as they wish...no matter how stupid it makes the sport look.
Baseball is an interesting analogy because we think of baseball as having clear rules and long established precedence. But disc golf has been around for about 30 years. If we looked at baseball 30 years from its origin it would look very different than today's game.

Games need to evolve to reach their optimum levels, just like people.

Disc golf started without baskets or beveled edge discs. Probably those changes were decried by some players at the time.

Any proposed modification in rules or courses or equipment or tournament procedures needs to be evaluated on its own merits. Obviously we share many of the concepts of ball golf but there are clear differences between the sports and what is best for golf is not necessarily best for disc golf.

Personally I am open to ideas which make the game of disc golf more challenging and optimize skill while minimizing luck. I agree with ball golf that technical standards need to limit technological advances in equipment because the game should be about the skill of the player. A disc could be no doubt created with remote control ability and a self propelled engine, turning the sport into some sort of computer game.

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