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At the USDGC this year the TD wanted to have a rules exception that would create a putting circle around the basket 1.5 meters out. If your disc landed within this radius then you would have to mark it somewhere along the circle creating a 5 foot putt instead of a drop in the reasoning being that a drop in is not a good golf shot and you can merely drop it in even place it in without a throw, that is somehow seen as wrong anyway what an absurd idea, really dumb, anyone care to defend the new proposed rule?

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Here's some content from the PDGA Discussion board thread......

USDGC 1.5M rule
A 3M or 10ft diameter circle will be marked around each target. The area within the circle will be considered a buncr. The outside edge of the circle will be considered the limit of the buncr area at 1.5M or 5ft.

No shot may be thrown from the 1.5M buncr. When a thrown shot comes to rest partially or entirely within the 1.5M buncr area, it will be removed and relocated to the drop zone. The drop zone will be anywhere outside the perimeter of the buncr. No mini mark will be necessary. A play may opt to use a mini, if he chooses

To complete the hole, a player's last shot must come to rest in the entrapment device as stated in rule 803.13B.

Players must demonstrate balance with both feet on the ground and with their momentum toward the buncr area completely stopped before advancing into the buncr area. This is regardless of the distance from the 1.5M buncr. For example, when a player wedges a shot from any distance into the basket, they must at some point, before entering the 1.5M buncr area (to quickly retrieve their disc), demonstrate stopped momentum toward the buncr.

Failure to demonstrate balance before entering the 1.5M buncr will be called encroachment, and will result in a re-throw on the first offense. The player will take the worst of the two results. On the second and all subsequent infractions of this rule, the player will re-throw, receive a one stroke penalty and the player will take the result of his the re-throw.

Now correct me if I'm wrong...I often am....but it would seem like if Harold wanted to implement a Buncr around every basket....being the TD/Course Designer/Promoter/Primary Sponsor....there's nothing in the rules that could have prevented him from doing so...it would seem like....that the text I highlighted....that pertains to maintaining balance and subsequent procedure for this type of violation would be the reason for asking for the variance to the rules????

If any player who might have an exemption or qualifies for the USDGC feels the need to not play...because of the possibility of this variance in future years....I will be more than happy to give it a go in their place......lol!!!
you know when there are too many rules when someone comes up with something this crazy and then thinks it will have merit with the disc golf players being told to play with it in place (DUMB )
I try and play by PDGA rules whenever I am out practicing. So I guess if this was implemented, I would have to carry around a 1.5 m piece of string to see if I'm in the "buncr" -or- the course operator will need to chalk a line around every basket (which would be more effort than reasonable for such a goofy rule). If the proposed rule is intended to make sure every shot is a legitimate golf shot (propelling the disc toward the target), why not make the rule "when you land in the 1.5m circle it's a gimmee?" Example: your 2nd shot lands in the circle - you get an automatic 3 without having to drop in. Same silly logic...
Does anybody bother reading the whole thread....or do they just see the title and assume they know what the deal is?
Well, I read the whole thread and I still think it is nonsense...I mean, come on! I understand lets make it more of a challenge, but is a punishment for a nice shot. If they implemented this into ball golf how many people do you think would pick there ball up and put it 1.5 M back? More and more rules will just irritate people more and drive a lot of people away from our sport because it will be too complex. I know that in every sport rules have changed either for safety or for better sportsmanship, but just to make the game more interesting to view is a little unnecessary. Why all of a sudden is it a bad golf shot?? because you aren't throwing it? So does that mean in baseball that when a batter bunts the first baseman can't underhand the ball to the pitcher because it isn't a proper throw? The rules should be made to make the game more fun, and safe, not to make it more complicated. Everyone is saying a 5 foot putt is a gimme, I understand that most generally it is, but that isn't the point. What people are upset with is that they made an amazing lay, then they have to bring it back. In football would it be fair if someone made it to the 3 yrd line on a play, but they would have to back it up to the 10? I mean it is still a gimme most days....
We could turn this into the crazy rules post that goes far from where it intended. What if someone has an inner ear problem and cannot demonstrate balance, or has a really sore foot and just can't show balance so they get footfaults on every shot. I just need some cheesy points tonight thanks Donny.
I certainly hope this proposed rule doesn't go any further. If you put it under the basket you deserve the drop in.
This 1.5m radius circle would not truly be a buncr, would it? I thought if you threw into a buncr (at least, the first time you threw into it), you rethrew, counting the stroke. So, if your tee shot was parked, you would have to retee. So now the way I read it, this area would be a type of buncr where you automatically took your next shot from the drop zone, and the drop zone is basically anywhere inbounds that is not in the buncr (I don't see why the player would be restricted to be required to place their next mark on the buncr boundary).

Interesting thought, but a little artificial for me, personally.
There's a few ways to play a buncr.....re-throw from the previous spot.......or drop zone....or casual relief as in on the line of play.....the basket buncr is another option allowing you to pick your lie outside the circle.
So landing in the 'basket buncr' (this 1.5m circle around the basket) will allow you to place your mark anywhere outside the 1.5m circle? If it's windy, I would be putting with the wind at my back...

IMO, I think it's not needed...no 1.5m 'basket buncr'! ...and no gimmes! :)

I needed some cheesey-points today...
I can understand Speed of Play . Until the Rules change , I'll complete each hole played.

Interesting thoughts though.

I have been stroked in the past for picking up someone's gimie next to the pole , just out of courtesy. I learned the hard way.
I have observed this discussion with great amusement. No one here has openly advocated on behalf of the proposed rule modification but many have violently objected. In spite of the fact the rule was never enacted and no one has supported it here, it continues to draw emotional reactions. This is too funny.

For all those totally convinced of how dumb or stupid or idiotic this rule might be, I would only note that the same brain trust that brought you the beveled edge disc, the Aviar, Roc, TeeBird and the USDGC also proposed this rule.

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