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At the USDGC this year the TD wanted to have a rules exception that would create a putting circle around the basket 1.5 meters out. If your disc landed within this radius then you would have to mark it somewhere along the circle creating a 5 foot putt instead of a drop in the reasoning being that a drop in is not a good golf shot and you can merely drop it in even place it in without a throw, that is somehow seen as wrong anyway what an absurd idea, really dumb, anyone care to defend the new proposed rule?

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five ft. is no gimme in 35 mph Kansas winds.
Upside down turbo with a Champion Firebird...lol
...or just upside down...controlling or balancing a turbo might be pretty tough in that kind of wind.

Hypothetically...keep in mind....if you were to play on a course or in a tournament that implemented that flavor of buncr.....I believe you would have the option of relocating to anywhere just outside the circle.....not necessarily on the line of play...thus giving you the option of the tailwind putt. ; )
We all agree the TD has the "right" to do what they want. No matter how stupid it is.
That's about the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. I would laugh at the TD all the way to the car if they told me that was a rule. And if it became a PDGA rule, I'd never play a tournament again. I don't want to be associated with something that stupid "OH GREAT SHOT! Now move it back 5 feet."

And to the uptights. No, the potheads aren't keeping Disc Golf off TV folks, it's the lack of proper promotion to the general public. If it were potheads, the Miami Dolfins would never play on National TV (Ricky Williams - "I would rather smoke pot than play football." but yet he's back), nor the X-Games, Basketball, Baseball, Moto-X, Rap would have never made TV, etc etc etc. Hell, there would be no TV anymore. Mind your own business and it'll stop bothering you. I don't do drugs, but you know what? If someone does it's none of MY business so I ignore it, it effects my life none at all.

There are so many other things that could be changed about Disc Golf without being stupid. Stupid ruled make the game look Stupid. Personally I don't want this game to look stupid because some tard interjected a stupid rule into it. Maybe ball golf should do away with putting greens and make everyone chip into the hole because it looks cooler!
Another Joke for Disc Golf Players !
Well to me, disc golf is a sport of the people. I have played in many different tournaments and leagues that boasted their own share of strange and surprising rules. Even in a friendly scrimmage, my friends and I will invent rules to help even out our own playing field (etc: every hole is a par 3 regardless of difficulty; if there is an odd-man-out during a scramble match, he gets one mulligan per hole on any throw and can carry it over, never having more than two; if a drive strikes a tree and bounces back behind the tee pad, the thrower gets a “do-over”.) Heck, we even invent our own terminology (an earnie = a hard birdie or putt you will have to earn.)

The point is that disc golf is too young and has very few bureaucrats with deep pockets to tell us devoted-discers what to do. If I have to putt outside of a five foot ring to be the next Ken Climo, then so be it. But until then, I will just enjoy the sport.

FYI: I’m from GR, MI and I don’t know whether to laugh or be insulted about the “Grand Rapids Putt.”
play it where it lies. end of story
Actually, a disc is very rarely played where it lies. You may put a supporting point on the ground where the disc was, but the disc thrown for the next shot is usually about 3-4ft off of the ground when it is released.

There is nothing wrong with suggesting new ideas - that is called brainstorming. And there is nothing wrong with not liking a new idea - just make your thoughts known with grace and courtesy.
i have talked this over with alot of players and have yet to hear that this rule is anything but dumb ,there are too many other ways to add challenge's to the game.how is a 4.5 ft putt a better golf shot than the upshot that put it under the basket...what next throwing a flaming disc past a bear on a unicycle.our sport needs credibilty not putt putt golf mentality.
I've asked every one I've played with since seeing this rule suggestion and I get the same results...once they realize I'm serious they laugh a little and shake their heads.
Why this is even a consideration doesn't make sense.

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