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At the USDGC this year the TD wanted to have a rules exception that would create a putting circle around the basket 1.5 meters out. If your disc landed within this radius then you would have to mark it somewhere along the circle creating a 5 foot putt instead of a drop in the reasoning being that a drop in is not a good golf shot and you can merely drop it in even place it in without a throw, that is somehow seen as wrong anyway what an absurd idea, really dumb, anyone care to defend the new proposed rule?

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Human nature is resistant to change despite the benefits of a new ideas. For example, the layout of the keyboard is based on mechanical factors when the typewriter was invented in the 1800s. We still can't shake it today even though the Dvorak layout has made more sense ergonomically and is faster. Suppose the basket was originally designed with a wide base so your disc couldn't get any closer than 5 feet and we had played that way for 20 years. Then someone came along and designed the basket the way it is today. You would hear all of the complaining about how much easier the game was becoming and people would be calling these new fangled baskets "cheater" baskets because your disc could get all the way under them. It all depends on where you originally come from when forming your opinions. This is not a defense of the proposed 5 ft circle which I don't think has enough positives to make the change, but more highlighting the knee jerk reactions of people who don't consider new ideas on their potential merits and are mentally trapped in the current way of doing things.
I don't think that is the case at all, Chuck. I think it is more likely that we like the game just fine the way it is except for the rules that are less than clear. A very clear rewriting of the main rules would do more good for the integrity of the game.
"Suppose the basket was originally designed with a wide base"
But it wasn't. If we use "What ifs" to discuss any topic we can go on forever.

"This is not a defense of the proposed 5 ft circle which I don't think has enough positives to make the change, but more highlighting the knee jerk reactions of people who don't consider new ideas on their potential merits and are mentally trapped in the current way of doing things."
I see people considering new ideas if they make any sense, this one makes no sense.
What if the original basket did not have a chain assembly on top and was just an open basket more like a hole in golf? Again, the first inventor who added a deflection device like chains would have been scorned. As much as people like to think they are objective in their comments, they usually are not. Now Jim Palmeri is scorned when he comes out with an open basket as a way to make putting more challenging and like golf.
What does any of this have to with making people move back 5 feet from where their shot landed? It's a stupid rule to consider no matter how many "what ifs" anyone uses as an example.
The fact you use the term "stupid" indicates little thought about the logic behind why it was proposed in the first place. The idea was never stupid. But the benefits were not strong enough to offset the downside.
I use the term stupid after thinking why this idea was born in the first place, I've put too much thought into it if anything...
I don't mean to insult anyone, I do understand the work it takes to run anything disc golf, I've put my time in back in the day. I just can not see any reason for this rule and maybe should have chose my word better. But that's what came to mind.
I realize you were influenced by the very title of the thread which was the primary example of my premise of many being mentally trapped by tradition.
I like that...."mentally trapped by tradition"

the best I could do is "You guys got your heads up your.......read the damn thread" LMAO !!!!!!!

To say this thread is misleading....is somewhat of an understatement.
tell you the truth i think it is just a waste of time. I mean it is not like you are going to miss a 5 foot shot. I mean it really doesn't make any difference to me.
Trying to make disc golf more like ball golf seems a bit redundant. These are two different sports that share similar characteristics. I do like to hear about Harold's ideas, as I think some of them are great, as I like to hear everyones ideas- isn't that what has made this sport evolve into what it is today?. And, with the right arguments, I can see how a drop in is not a "throw". However, using common sense, I beg to differ. When "dropping" a disc in the basket, it is somewhat a "toss". So, the question is, at what point does a "throw" become a "toss", and a "toss" become a "throw". So basically, if I have a great upshot, possibly the best upshot that I have ever had in my life- pardon me, I mean a great "throw", and it lands right under the basket, I should be penalized by moving it back five feet, in order for me to "throw" my next shot? At five feet, it is still a mere "toss". For those really tall people out there, yeah, 5 feet probably is not much to deal with, but lets factor in some high winds, and terrible playing conditions (welcome to the Midwest for 6 months of the year)- this becomes a huge challenge. For us people who are closer to midget status this can become quite a challenge as well. For all the shorties out there, why should they be penalized for something they have no control over? There is no reason for a great throw be penalized. If a person has a great throw, they should be rewarded by a drop in "toss", because they took the time, effort, and focus to get their disc under the basket in the first place. They earned it by rising to the occasion and throwing a great shot, under pressure.
Creating more and more rules only takes the fun out of the sport. And, as far as changing rules, why can't current members of the PDGA vote for something like this (if we can, it is my fault for not knowing, and I have never been aware of this)? If the PDGA rulebook is basically our (the player's) constitution, we should all be able to vote- for any changes whatsoever. A change to the rules is basically an amendment.
I also like the comment about women in the sport..... why would we want to create more and more absurd rules that drive away the growth of the sport. yes, the sport is continuously growing. But, people are always saying "lets get more women involved", or "how can we get more women involved". It is ironic, because a lot of things that people do only drive woman further away from becoming active members/tournament players. Those ladies are not comfortable with speaking up, so instead they choose not to play.
As said above, great shots deserve to be rewarded, and I think most can agree with that.
And, why can't we pass a rule that says players, or state reps should be able to vote for changes. This is America.

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