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How Far R u Throwing and what are you Throwing? Also Im starting to hit 350+, any disc recommendations?

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Star wraith, loves to keep going, loves the wind,350+, but big anhyzer im working on is my pro valk, 400+ or champion monarch (touchy disc) almost 450.
I can get it up and maybe over 400ft pretty consistantly with my back hand. My distance really began to increase after i started using the powere grip. I can get the most D out of my Champ(cfr) Destroyer. GET ONE!

More importantly, I finaly learned how to throw a hyzer with some distance. I have been using my star teebird and champ valk and gettin over 300ft on a hyzer.

With a forhand I go with the star Excaliber for max distance. I am happy to get 350ft.
PDs to about 400 and Bosses to about 430 controlled D.

If you are just now hitting 350, I'd go for a Valk, possibly Orc, for distance
I'm at about 320 ave, 350+ with a good rip & 400 max, i use a Crush & an Avenger SS
but then again this summer i have been averaging like 350-375ish, so i think my "average" level has gone up.
I am a old man but I can still get my Valk out about 400 ft

size of the player has nothing to do with it! Throwing 500+ is really something bro, I would like to see a video clip of that!

Anyways check out this link that shows only a few pros throw over 500ft.


Crush 450+ on a hyzer flip with light headwind
Force about the same in a heavier headwind

Best is 520 with the crush
very nice Andy! I like it... since nearly everyone else tries to exaggerate their golf distance, why not make it obvious that you are exaggerating? Haha.... very nice. I have a couple buddies that own DG brick n mortar type shops, and we laugh about it all the time when people come in and ask for help... and they tell us they throw 500 feet or something ridiculous. You can usually tell by looking at the person and by their knowledge (or lack there of) of the game whether they are lieing or not.
Why is it so hard for your to believe that people can throw 450+? In a distance competition my furthest measured was 523ft to be exact. I use midranges for about 90% of my drives because they offer more control then drivers and I can get them over 350 accurately. Hell my putter I can throw darn near 350ft. So many people try to kill their discs to get them to go far when in reality, the more power you put on a disc the better chance you will have a wild throw that goes no where. A good throw is all about control (This incorporates acceleration, speed and snap along with other aspects that are also part of your form) and form (This is your angle of release and body technique all being consistant). Once you have those 2 factors the power begins to come. Also one thing I have noticed is that a good number of us that are throwing large distances are previous big arm ultimate frisbee players that can throw an ultra-star 250+.
I know right....

I constantly noticed an increase of distance over the past several months...technique gets better and better understanding of disc flight helps tons. Accuracy is king tho.


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