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How Far R u Throwing and what are you Throwing? Also Im starting to hit 350+, any disc recommendations?

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I just got to 325 golf distance last week with Champ teebirds. Pretty stoked about that because I've been stuck at 300 for over a year.Working my way towards world class women's avg. golf distance... since golf D and distance D are different! Not sure what my distance D is because that is really irrelevant once you get on the course.
ian and mark- very nice responses. and Mark the "cliff" you speak of is hole 16 at Ottawa Park in Toledo. LOL. Such a monstrous cliff... well maybe for Woj it is ;)
Just started throwing the eco star destroyer.
Better than any
Great sidearm and backhand!

Available everywhere DiscPlayer is sold!
wish I had the power to throw a destroyer, but for now I will stick to my 160 r-pro boss for big D when I have lots of room to work with, or my champ teebirds which I trust so much to hit tight lines and go the distance.

I think it's funny when people ask me why I don't have a max weight Destroyer, Pred, x-cal, force, or boss in my bag. It's obvious that these people THINK they are getting extra distance off the disc when in reality they are sacrificing accuracy AND distance. If you don't have enough power to throw the disc at the intended speed, it will not fly the way it is intended to fly. You are better "clubbing down" and throwing something that is intended to be thrown with the power you have. Joe's Flight chart is great for this and can be seen here . I do carry a Force, but I only use it on very rare cases for really sharp hyzer lines. I don't get any distance with it, but I can get it to hold that hard hyzer line that I need once in a great while.

That is my rant for the day.
Try a lighter one.
I really don't care to have that fast of a disc. Getting to 325 is pretty good distance for a woman, and I can do that with teebirds, and control it very well. As I work out the issues in my form, I will be getting even further with the teebirds. So there really is no reason for me to need something faster. I tend to lean more towards accuracy than big distance, because the courses here in MN are pretty well wooded so staying in the fairway with a disc you trust is more important. Besides, I try to keep fewer molds in my bag as well. I have 6 driver molds (two of which are RARELY used), 1 mid mold (working a second in), and 1 putter mold. I like the light r-pro boss, but I will only pull it out on wide open holes.

I did have a 163 r-pro xcal which I would get a very nice s curve out of, but once it hit ONE tree it beat in really bad and became super understable, which was not what I wanted from it. At $25 a pop for a special run 2009 US Masters R-Pro Xcal, it is not something I intend to buy again since my discs are bound to find trees on occasion since I play heavily wooded courses here in MN. Now, if they made the xcal that light and in champ or star plastic, I would probably invest... but they don't. The end.
I throw my wizzards about 500ft now although they drift right most of the way and I once threw an aerobi ring all the way around the world and had it hit me in the back of the head.

all kidding aside... Some disc recomendations are a champ teebird I can throw this as far as anything I've ever thrown(around 450) and have way more accuracy in shorter distances. Another of my favorites is the star wraith.
very nice Andy! I like it... since nearly everyone else tries to exaggerate their golf distance, why not make it obvious that you are exaggerating? Haha.... very nice. I have a couple buddies that own DG brick n mortar type shops, and we laugh about it all the time when people come in and ask for help... and they tell us they throw 500 feet or something ridiculous. You can usually tell by looking at the person and by their knowledge (or lack there of) of the game whether they are lieing or not.
yeah! champ teebirds are the bomb!

And I only throw my wizards 450, so I guess you got me beat ya big arm! LOL....
Hey there,
I just wanted to say that I appreciate your responses on this thread, seeing as it's turned mostly a "how big is your penis" discussion.

I've been playing for a couple years and I feel great if I am able to throw farther than '300 with any decent amount of accuracy. Of course I can throw out my arm and go about '350, but it's inconsistent and not worth the shoulder pain.

Most folks don't have a good concept of how far they can throw. Sure, anyone can chuck a disc ridiculously far on the first hole of the Toboggan Course, but what about on level ground? A lot of people need to pace off their tee shots in an open and level field to get a good handle on their actual distance potential. Also, many tee signs and score cards are not %100 accurate in terms of tee to basket distances.
On a good day i can rip it 250-300 but i average 200-225 most days using my champion orc.

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