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I've been playing about 4 months now and I can't find a use for my midrange. I throw a putter under 200ft, lat64 XXX under 350, a star boss and a pro destroyer over 350 depending on the shot. What distance do you usually pull out the mid?

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I drive around 350, and can toss a putter a little over 200. My midranges go about 300, but they are extremely more accurate then my drivers. If I need a shot between 270 and 300 I will use my midranges and get much closer then I would with my drivers. I only pull out my drivers if I have an open area, and need to go over 300ft.

It seems distance-wise we are in the same situation. I used to never use midranges, but play a few rounds ONLY using midranges. You will find that they are the most important discs you own after that.
Well since I don't like to use my putter for any thing longer than 50' to 70' (approx). Mind you it's a prefference. I use my mids from 70' to approx. 200' to 250' depending on the terrain. I even have a sub group in my mids. My Classic Roc an Champ Gator are for shots approx 150' and in. My Roc, Drone, Buzzz, and Wolf/Panther (Using the Wolf untill my Panther breaks in more). Are for the further out shots. In the past I used my putter, but I find I have more control and options with my mids. Such as....Strong headwind and pin to the lft. Out come the Drone or Gator, because I know those two will turn lft for sure. No matter how windy it is. My Roc and Buzzz are money, and my Wolf will turn over so nice and gentle. So will the Panther, but it tends to still fade at the end.
I use a mid for most shots between 200 and 300 ft. I find that using a midrange gives me the proper distance and better accuracy when compared to powering-down on a driver.
For me, depending on the conditions, from 100' to 250'. But there are players who throw mids a ton.

Midrange discs are an acquired skill for some players, while they are an immediate staple for others. I have played as a pro for over a decade but only reintroduced mids to my game regularly in the past few years. Of course, as a forehand thrower, mids are tricky as heck to learn. My first few years playing I threw almost exclusively backhand and used mids often (but poorly, along with the rest of my backhand game).

Mids have certain innate advantages. It is much easier to throw a mid dead nuts straight and have it finish straight than when throwing a driver. It is easier to control distance with a mid. If you flip over a driver more than you intended, it may glide much farther than you want. Mids have the same problem but to a lesser degree. Controlling the distance of a skip (once the disc touches down) is easier with a mid, too.

A midrange disc can teach you how to throw flat. Drivers tend to hyzer or anhyzer (depending on how you throw them) but are resistant to going straight. Really the shot you most want to learn, for any disc, is straight and Mids go straight easier. So a Mid is sort of like training wheels for your drivers. Once you can throw a mid straight you will understand the angle of release better and will have made progress toward throwing a driver straight.

So don't give up on midranges yet. Even if you don't use them much in rounds, they are good to practice with, looking to the day when you have the skill and confidence to use them for critical shots. Most good players carry numerous midranges and have them dialed in.
No doubt. I have gone back to square one with learning to throw backhand and my Cro and Gator are really good for me right now. Im actually throwing my mids farther than my drivers because of the turn over.
175ish' to 300' and forehand approaches. if i can drive with a mid, i do it. usually pull drivers out only on holes over 300 ft. if i could push my buzzz out to 350 and keep it under control that would be great. but i'm not there yet. many of the better players here throw rhyno's for 90% of their drives throwing them well over 300ft in some cases. it's whatever works for you. Mr. Ellis is right though, learning to throw with mids will take strokes off your game.
The midrange is normally the last disc that a new player finds a use for. This is so true that Discraft and Innova have started labelling their new midrange discs as putters!

If you are playing mostly in Las Vegas, you might not yet have a need for mid range discs. Do you have holes that play down a narrow tunnel of trees where only a straight shot will work? If the Las Vegas courses are open and sparsely vegetated like some of the desert southwest courses I'm more familiar with, there's a hyzer route on every hole.

I use my midranges for 200-250 where I need to shape a shot to fit the only route the course is giving me. Under 200 I'm usually throwing a putter.
The longest hole at my local course is only 512 and its the only hole I haven't birdied yet (they just recently moved the pin). The average hole is 300 to 400 with lots of OB and sparse greenery leaving most shots pretty open. So I'm sure I just haven't needed a mid yet. And no there's not many holes where a straight shot is required (or even possible). By the way I love how I can ask a question and get informative answers from experienced players with a variety of styles and preferences in a matter of minutes! Thanks
Kinda depends how strong you are.

For myself , 250 - 350 works just fine. I do know some guys who can throw farther than that though with Innova's Roc.
I throw mids most chances I get; usually for upshots or holes that are ~250ft or less. That is my comfort zone for now as I still turn them over enough to the point of frustration and wonder why I don't throw a TL. I'm of the mind to disc down and use the least disc possible for hole to get it there. You have to worrie about drivers getting bad skips as they finish fast. I'm to the point now that all I'm going to throw is mids at any chance that I get to learn to throw them correctly. I want to master the straight finesse shot. The mids that I currently use: FLX Drone, FLX and Z Buzz, DX and KC Pro Roc, and a Star Classic Roc.

There was a pro that came up here for out state championships this past summer and he said that he likes to throw putters and mids during the off season of winter. He is adamant about and that it makes you a better more efficient and consistent driver overall. As said earlier, training wheels for drivers. Also, all beginners should start out with a stable mid and reach a level of mastery before even venturing to other types of discs. I'm going to apply that theory this winter and we'll see how my tournament season goes this spring/summer.
Depends on the player.
I consider Cobras and Rocs midrange and they are accurate to 300'.
XD's for about 220 to 270.
Putter from 200. They are the most accurate.
TeeBird becomes driver range at about 330+
High Tech Discs from there...
Rollers for Big D...
i like to use a mid from 150-300. like said on here already for a truly straight shot the mid is a necessity in your bag, but if you don't need that shot you'll never learn it. my preference for mids is based on the fact that i will turn over my putters thrown for distance and my drivers will do a fly by (if i dont stick them in the chains) and leave me a longer putt back. they do have some limitations though, like i haven't found one yet that is overstable enough to cut certain corners on my home course which leaves me over throwing big hyzer shots with a driver. you can do what a mid is for with other discs but it is easier to throw a mid 85-95% power than a putter 110% or a driver 50-60% power and a lot more accurate and consistant.

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