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As a regular feature at the Throw Shop we are opening up next month near Ann Arbor, we are going to have monthly contests by division which are based on measuring the speed of discs players throws, using equipment we have already purchased.

We took some of the equipment out to the Discraft Great Lakes Open yesterday, and timed a bunch of players throwing into a net. Speeds of throws ranged from 38 mph to 72 mph, with forehand about 10-12 mph faster than backhand, and the fastest throws being thumbers.

Interestingly, right afterwards we threw off for the Ace Pool on the practice hole, and I was able to set up and time the throws people made for that. Some of the best throws to the pin were definitely not the fastest, with 45 mph seeming to be a center for the most accurate throws.

In the future, we'll be recording players' names, rating, and other stats so that we collect data in a more useful way. But this was pretty fun and interesting.

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Whenever I try to throw hard and fast my accuracy and timing go out the window. I prefer to slow it down and let the disc do it's thing. But, I'm no where near a pro, just a casual vet who trys to keep up with them and have some fun.
I am actualy curious of how fast I throw.
We were playing our Sat morning mini a few years back and a local peace officer came through the park and stopped. We chatted for a while and they wondered how fast we threw them so he angled his car up a fairway parallel with the road and about five or six of us threw. The fastest I could record was only 56 mph which is probably why my longest drive ever was only 456 feet. It was still pretty cool to see speed as it related to distance. the furthest drives were in the mid to upper 60's.
That was pretty cool. In your recollection of the range of speeds I believe you forgot my 14 mph throw that almost made it to the backstop. Awesome.

Thanks for bringing the 'gun' out and in this post answering a question I had about the correlation of speed/power to accuracy.
very interesting terry. so the fastest throws were thumbers? I'd be interested to know what the fastest RHBH throws were, as well as forehand.
I recall reading in an old disc golf magazine (the one you got 4 times a year for being a PDGA member) about various pros having their disc speed measured. There was some correlation between distance and speed but there were exceptions. The one I remember was for Ken Jarvis, 1-time distance record holder who had a speed 20 mph less than some of the fastest throwers.
i believe that even if you can throw 100 mph you still have to think the fade and turn on a disc. I have alot of spin and power off the box i can feel it and it shows every week whether it be in a mini tourney or a hot summer afternoon. This doesn't mean i will get more distance or less. Take a wraith for instance i can throw a wraith on a hyzer let it turn over then fade back but, i would get easily 420 out of the disc. I can throw the same shot on a boss just as fast or faster even on a any shot and still the distance is the same. The relation of speed and distance i believe is of no importance. Another example is winds at that time. I can throw a monarch in a tail wind to bring it back overstable faster and fly a straighter line let it loft its way inot a distance record easily.
The faster you throw, the more potential you have for distance so it really does matter. Obviously accuracy & control have to be there too but having the chance to reach those longer holes is a big advantage on courses like Winthrop, etc. Arm speed is a god given talent that I wish I had and envy those who have.
Well now your talking a whole new with arm speed. I can flick my wrist and make a disc go fast. i guess there are variations of throws that are un accounted for.
Very interesting post! Ive seen some folks throw discs that crawl 350'. Ive seen others throw, and out of the gate they are crazy fast, but they die out pretty quickly. Hmmmm. Dont know how fast I throw, but I know when I throw smoothly I get more D and accuracy.
What type of radar gun did you use? I have a Bushnell that's fairly accurate when used with baseball throws...

I'll try my fastest disc, the Double D (wider wing than a Boss).

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