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I know the chains are lite some way, are the tee's? And how do you lite your disc? Thank you in advance for your input.

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glow sticks are put on the basket, for the discs i use rod-n-bobbs lightsticks which you can tape to your discs available at walmart (where else) and their website is www.nightfishing.com.the rest is the judicious use of flashlights
Glow bracelets are a good cheap solution. Just center them on the underside of a clearish disc and use packing tape to secure it. I'm pretty familar with my local courses, so I've never worried much about lighting baskets. One great tool is a Stanley tri-pod LED light. It stands on it's own and can be pointed at the basket from about 100' or more.
Big Glowsticks on the basket. You can pre-light the entire course or if you only have a small group have someone run them to each basket before starting the hole to save some money on sticks. There are LED lights you can insert in the discs or tape some small fishing rod glowsticks to various places around the rim of the disc. Bring some flashlights. The ones you can wear on your head works great.
Somebody turns out the lights, they blindfold you and spin you around 3 times and point you in the wrong direction. You than have to figure out where the basket is while everyone else ducks and runs.................LMAO!!!!!!!

Seriously though, go with the bobber glo sticks. I tried Glo discs and that kinda sucks cause you can only have so many. As where glo sticks you can tape on, you can use your whole bag. Also they show up much better than glo discs, and you don't have to recharge them every hole!
I find the best way is how Mike said... get the Rod-N-Bobbs lights, they work way better than anything else.The more lights the sweeter the disc looks when it's flying through the air... Also green and yellow are the easiest to see... reds and blues not so much. I like to put 2 glow sticks on the basket in case you get behind the pole and cannot see the light (again walmart, $1)

I have the BlackJax drivers, mid and putter.... they look really cool but man do they suck for playing. Also the AeroPOD is a cool idea but the batteries don't seem to last that long and it really makes your disc understable (al least for me it did).
I have to put my two cents worth in for the Rod-N-Bobbs LEDs.
LSDiscs on E-Bay has them. Cabelas and other fishing goods supplier have the fishing version of the LED.
If you use a Z-plastic or Champion plastic disc, you can tape the LED to the under side of the disc and it will not affect the flight of the disc. The LEDs on weight is only a gram. You can turn the on and off so they last a long time (rated at 21 hours).
When used with a clear or lightly colored disc, it causes the disc to glow. Give a great light show as it flys at night.
glowsticks are the cheapest and the dollar store!! you can get 22'' necklace glow sticks, 3 in a package for a dollar. 6$ for a glow round isn't too shabby. tiny glowsticks are sold at headshops ive come to find out. use medical tape the clear kind to tape the glow sticks on. even in dew-covered grass the sticks will stay on with medical tape. buying glo discs is also a good investment. light those up with led flashlights and youre ready to go. have fun!
Glow sticks are the cheapest.
Easy - Mini LEDs for the discs, Glow Sticks for the baskets and Clear Packaging Tape to secure the lights onto your discs.

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