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So, at league last week, we had the worst thing that could possibly happen at dubs. Apparently, two golfers got into a verbal argument while finishing their round. They weren't even partners but that isn't the point. Unfortunately, this spate turned into something really ugly. One guy pulls out a box cutter and threatens the other guy. Meanwhile, the other guy is throwing his discs, hitting the box cutter guy with his bag, as well as kicking him. Furthermore, once the box cutter is taken out of the equation, the blade-less golfer refuses to walk away. He claims that "he can't walk away" AND throws the first punch!! Well, all this crap is going on in the middle of 18's fairway, where the ENTIRE park can hear and see them. Not cool, bc there were other people not playing golf yelling at them to stop!! Long story short, cops showed up, 3 of them! While there were no arrest, I told our club board that neither of them should be allowed to play in any club events, EVER, especially dubs. We do not need this type of negative publicity! What do you guys think?

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The punishment should depend on all the factors involved. Not just the incident but the history of the players, their contributions and the history of the interactions between them.

There is also the question of whether they have patched up their conflict and can be trusted in the future. The reality is that most people mess up at different points in their lives, including me...and probably anyone reading this as well.

It sounds like no real harm was done physically to anyone. Most spectators viewing the situation probably looked at it as two hotheads making a scene, rather than two disc golfers showing how violent the sport of disc golf is. In a park setting where two guys were arguing and scuffling would we look to see if they had baseball mitts (see those evil baseball players!) or if they were playing beach volleyball ( volleyball pits bring in the worst crowds!) ??

Maybe these guys just need a good lawyer to plead their case? :) Where is Bruce Brakel when you need him?
How about this? That would've been MY last event with that club. That's not something I'd want to be around.
I've got twenty stitches in my hand from a "small" accidental cut from a box knife. A sixteenth of an inch in any direction, I would have severed a tendon (down), severed an artery (right), or permanently severed the nerve going to my right thumb (up). I've also seen the horrors that a box knife can do when used in anger (just pictures). This is a serious threat and should be looked at just like he pulled out any other deadly weapon. As far as the other guy goes, a person has a fundamental right to defend themselves. It may be better for the club, the bystanders, and even themselves that they walk away. They still have a natural, and in my state, legal right to stand and fight. I'm really just talking ethics here, I'll leave policy up to more experienced advice.
While I did not see this with my own eyes, it sounds pretty bad. However if the guy throwing his discs and bag at a box cutter wielding idiot did not initially do this until the box cutter was pulled, I would cut (no pun intended) him some slack. If someone pulled a box cutter on me I would do the same. The guy with the box cutter most defiantly needs to be suspended, not only from club events but also from all PDGA events. I would contact the PDGA and turn him in. I would also contact your Parks Dept. and obtain a copy of the Police report. They may decide to ban him from public parks seeing as how he could be a threat to anyone.
Now if the other guy initiated this by throwing discs first than he too deserves the same fate. Throwing discs as self defense is one thing. Using them as weapons is another!
On a lighter note I wouldn't worry too much about negative publicity. Most, maybe not all adults are smart enough to realize this was a matter between 2 people. It's no different than 2 Nascar drivers getting out of there cars and beating one another half to death. Or for that matter 2 hockey players going nuts on one another. It doesn't reflect upon the entire sport and every single person playing.
people who generally carry box cutters are bad news. "lets see, im going to play some dg today. discs check, towel check, water check, oh yeah my trusty box cutter check." people like that are to be avoided at all costs. they are looking/expecting to find trouble--and that is no way to live. if i was a memeber of your club and you didnt suspend/ kick the box cutter guy out-- i wouldnt throw with your club any longer. thats bs and save it for the hood.
I read this yesterday and last night at the Wed night draw doubles we had a discussion about it. I think just talking about it may prevent anything like this happening in out club but who knows. We did pretty much all reach the same conclusion.
Everyone involved would have their say before the club members and then depending on the severity and facts, we would put forth a vote based on suggestions for said penalties. At the least, some form of course detail, be it trash pickup, tree trimming or another work project. At the worst, fine and or suspension or possibly both. Alot would depend on the individuals attitude and how they felt about their actions. You would also have to take into consideration of prior interaction with the club and their involvement with course improvements, fundraisers, and the like.
You don't have to like everyone you play with but you should be able to maintain your civility in a club setting.
I don't see anything wrong with that. The last thing you want for your group is to have this type of behavior associated with your activities. Maybe if someday, after showing changes, they could somehow possibly be granted a reprieve, not likely though. It would be much more simple to just make an example out of them and ban them, like you said. This sounds like an escalated conflict and not just a verbal "discussion".

P.S. - I just read Dave's post and I could not agree with him more...
Thnx for the responses everyone, it was all very helpf!! We had our club meeting last night and I proposed that both individuals be suspended for the rest of the year from ALL club events, regardless of PDGA sanction. This will punish one person more than the other but I don't care. We, as a club, voted for the suspension to go through. Unfortunately, for the two guys involved, they did not come to the meeting to plead their case. The vote was unanimous!! No Top Gun events, no Hall of Fame Classic or Augusta Classic (A-tier events) ...NOTHING!! I am very adamant and still really angry about everything!! Furthermore, we are informing the Park that their were ramifications for their horrible behavior. We are setting an example NOW so that this or anything similar will not happen wo consequences. Its golf, go have FUN!!!
Agreed - I'm sure there was no need for this argument to come to blows. Life time ban!
never? Care to have a bit more perspicuousness to this statement??

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