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I got a dear on hole 11 at Pymatunning.It came out of the tree line right in front of the basket.I hit a duck on teusday.I was teeing off on hole 18.I Hit the duck on the back.Then my disc went in lake.It would have landed on land if it wern't for the duck!!

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I've beaned a few squirrels A Willow Run in Wiscosin Rapids. They're everywhere. And they're pretty ballsy, too. They'll come right up to you!
Rabbit , Squirrel and one bird !!!
I've only gotten 2 a bird with a roller and hit some old lady who was asleep on a bench with a putter( but it was a full out throw) to make matters worse it was an open field and I was at work. My ambulance was parked at the park and I was in uniform
NICE !!!!! 911 on the spot !!!!
Nailed a few squirrels over the years...never really kept count. Our park is like a squirrel mecca. None have ever died from it...around here....that I know of.

But there is a bit of Disc Golf lore....kind of a Rippleys believe it or not type lore. Who knows for sure?

One was.....A squirrel was darting up a tree...right at the precise moment of a line drive, the disc severed the squirrels tail and left it stuck to the tree...wiggling, stuck in the dent without the squirrel missing a step in it's flight to safety.

Another was....A roller got snatched up by a hawk swooping in for the pick...the hawk, realizing this isn't food... immediately dropped the disc which subsequently lands in the basket for an Ace.
Do angry people count ?
Donny Olow said:
NICE !!!!! 911 on the spot !!!!

Yeah 911....A couple of Saturday's ago..one of my buddies turned one over...it blasted a woman right in the schnoz!!! I wasn't there...but I got a first hand account of it....Blood, Fire Trucks, Ambulance, Cops...Some more Blood....Not a pretty scene...from what I heard... Turns out...she was alright.
we were playing safari holes on a farm once and were shooting acrossed a cow pasture. i saw alot of cows get hit, then take off in a stampeed. i also got shit all over my shoes.
I got a birdie on my drive...???....hit a bid in the air....POOF...feathers flew...the bird hit the ground, gave me a dirty look, and flew away. my disc went in the woods a little off the fairway. Also a weird story....I threw my drive into a cedar tree right next to the basket about 10 ft high...OB. my buddy laughs at me , I said thats ok you will knock it down for me on your drive......no shit ,he followd my exact line and knocked mine down and his stayed up. I got a bird ....he got a circle 3.hahahahaha.
2 deer on 2 different courses 1 in Michigan laying in the tall grass jumps up runs away little fawn, 1 in Illinois walked out of the woods into the flight path of my disc just after release loks at the disc smells it stares at it for about 3 minutes and then continued walking with its buddy. Other then that just missed a duck in flight with a thumber.
so in general, do y'all adhere to the "if you kill it you have to eat it rule?" I know my dog does.
Tuesday, one of my round mates drove on hole 18 at Jamesville beach. his disc went errant and off into the woods. A black lab chased it in and I didn't think much of it. I stepped up and drove. just then he came trotting out of the woods and my Boss was cruising right for him! He didn't even know it was coming. Fortunately for him it missed by inches. The dog jumped straight in the air and ran like his tail was on fire it was a hoot!

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