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How many diffrent types of discs do you carry in your bag? I think I am going to go with about 4-5 diffrent ones depending on what works. I will probally keep a main driver(Beast), two mids, and the avair. I might put in a 2nd driver such as the Boss to replace the Beast.(that will probally never happen) I might also use a Eagle for a short yardage holes on the drive.

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I only carry one kind of disc. The kind that goes where I throw it. All of the others seem to wind up in a pile in my living room.
I carry 19 discs, but only a few different molds

2 putters (2 Spikes)
3 mids (3 Sharks)
5 fairway drivers (3 TLs and 2 EagleXs)
7 distance drivers (5 SLs and 2 StarfireXs)
1 overstable pig (Firebird)
1 random disc I'm experimenting with (Pro Katana)
Good to have at least three different drivers.
Ok my turn. Lol!
4 sidwinders
2 tracker
3 nuke
1 flick
2 cores
1 drone
1 zone
1 challenger
2 ions
I carry 5 moulds. This is going to get heat from all.
2-Qolf, Quantum
5-6 CE Leopard, in different phases
5-8 KC Pro Roc different Phases
1- Star Skeeter
4- DX Aviar P&A
This is my casual bag as well as tourney bag, here in Japan. Everything is between 149- 158.
You only need two...Control and distance...
Star Katana
Pro Katana
Champ Orc
Champ Sidewinder
Champ Leopard
DX Beast
2 ESP Avengerss
Champ Firebird
Pro Destroyer
Elite X Reaper
Star TL
Star Coyote
DX Roc
2010 Ace Race Mid
DX Leopard
DX Shark
Omega Super Soft
Soft Magnet
That's what's in the bag right now. I think I'm an addict.
I carry about 14 in my bag. I took about 30 with me, and ajust to the course. Mostly Mid-range, because we have alot of 9 holes courses here in ND. And I always carry two putters.
11 different molds. 14 total (usually).


Z Nuke-2 (main drivers)
Pro Katana-1 (long anny)
Boss-2 (172 champ for headwind, 160 R-Pro for downwind)
Monarch-1 (unstable)
Valkyrie-1 (roller)
Z Stalker-1 (straight fairway driver)
Star Xcaliber-1 (super overstable)


Roc-1 (Star San Marino)
Z Wasp-1


DX Aviar-1
14 total discs, 8 different molds.
Discraft Reaper Elite-Z(main driver)
Champion Starfire(Tomahawk)
Champion Teebird(Back-up)
Buzzz FLX
Discmania The Maniac (super straight putter)
8 discs, overstable drive, stable driver, understable driver, utility driver(overhands, etc.) Overstable mid, Stable mid, Understable Mid... and Lastly a Putter that can be used to putt and drive with.

For me, FORCE, Crush, NUKE, Flick, Drone, Wasp, Buzzz, Crystal Challenger

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