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How many diffrent types of discs do you carry in your bag? I think I am going to go with about 4-5 diffrent ones depending on what works. I will probally keep a main driver(Beast), two mids, and the avair. I might put in a 2nd driver such as the Boss to replace the Beast.(that will probally never happen) I might also use a Eagle for a short yardage holes on the drive.

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I take a lot of discs to the course but will take out what I don't need (wind, shot, weather) but mainly about 7-10 discs, and 2-3 of those are putters
example.. this was my discs on Sat.
Soft Magnet
i carry 20-25 discs. 5 of which are putters, 5 midrange and the rest are drivers. i only have about 7 or 8 different molds of drivers though, just carry multiples in certain molds, different plastics and weights. and ussually some discs i dont mind losing on risky shots.
, I want to wait till I get home to get more discs. I think I am going to order a light DX or Champion Avair. I already got a 175, I am also going to buy lighter weight Champion Beast,I just want to try a lighter discs to see what happens.

Other than that I think I might buy one more mid range and then wait till I can look at discs and feel what they are like. It is one thing to look and see what the description says the discs does and actually holding it and feel what it is like. I havent even really messed with Star discs yet, I dont know if i will get into them. I am happy with champ discs. I did however buy a Star Beast to try out

I am buying all new discs, some of my discs are 2-3 years old, so I bought a new Innova bag and I got to fill it. I got about 8 more discs to go. I am going to try to go with 2 molds for my drivers, 2 for my mids, and my putter is Avair.
I carry:
xtra long range-
2 pulse
2 avenger ss

long range-


i have a ton of them
4 - Orcs ( 2-161,168,175)
1 star destroyer (175)
2- aviars (175,172)
1 crystal z challenger (175)
1 champ eagle (168)
1 CE FL (175)
1 Champ Groove (173)
1 Z Crush (175)
1 Echo First run X-calibar (175)
think thats all....lol
4 drivers 5 fairway 5 mid 3 putters
OK, I know I need help.... I carry eight drivers, five fairway drivers, seven midranges, and three putters (use to be two until I asked for advise on the forum!)
My name is Rescue and I'm a discaholich!!!
Still figuring out what works for me. Surge, Wraith, Avenger, XL, Teebird, and Beast are the drivers. Firebird and Flick for overhead shots. Buzzz for everything else. Picking up a Putt'r, Boss, and most importantly the Comet tomorrow.
2 pro wraiths
1 star wraith
1 Champion Wraith
1 Pro Destroyer
1 Champion Groove
2 Champion bosses
1 Z XL
1 Z Wasp
1 Z Buzzz
1 Esp Meteor
1 Esp Force
2 Beedless Aviars

2 Champ Teerex-X
1 Champ Xcal
1 Star Xcal
1 ESP Pulse
1 Champ Firebird
1 EXP1
1 Z Surge
1 Champ Orc
2 Star TL
1 Champ TL
1 Quarter K


3 Dx Roc
1 Crystal Buzzz
1 D Stratus


3 D Challengers

Wow, I did this because when I saw what other people carried I thought to myself, "They carry too many molds." So I started typing out my list and quickly saw that I too am a discaholic. That said, I mostly throw 4 discs. The others I have "just in case the situation arises." Some of them are for blasting over the water if I'm playing doubles (surge and qk). I can't seem to take out certain discs even if I really don't throw them. My bag should really be

rocs, challengers, tls, teerex-x, firebird.
Rescue said:
OK, I know I need help.... I carry eight drivers, five fairway drivers, seven midranges, and three putters (use to be two until I asked for advise on the forum!)
My name is Rescue and I'm a discaholich!!!

Hey, don't be blaming us for your addiction! Part of the 12 steps is taking ownership of your problem...do you need a sponsor? You could ship me your discs so you're not tempted to throw too many molds. I know, it's too good of me, but that's the kind of addict...I mean guy I am...
2 z cyclones
3 z crush
2 z force 1 esp force
2 z flick
2 flx drones
3 z wasps 1 esp wasp
1 flx buzzz 1 crystal
2 crystal challengers 2 elitex

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