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i have been playing for about 4 months now and i carry 14-16 discs is that too many how many do you carry in a round

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I BUY alot of discs.... can't help it. And I pratices with alot of these. I'm always puting discs in and taking them out while I pratice...

But I carry a select few during tournaments:
2- Surge (Tailwind)
2- Crush (Headwind)
1- Pulse (Flick/ Thumbers)

1- Leopard (Anhyzer Fairway)
1- Teebird (Straight Fairway)
1- Predator (Hyzer Fairway/ Thumbers)

1- Wasp (Main Mid)
1- Viper (Short Flick shots)
1- Drone (Hyzer Mid)

2- CryZtal Z Challengers (Main Putter)
1- Soft Magnet (Anhyzer Putter)

That's pretty much it for tournament rounds. Depending on the course I might throw a Monarch or Avenger SS in for Anhyzer drives or a Shockwave, Buzzz or Element for straighter upshots or a Glide for an additional Fairway option.
I use twelve or so but I carry15 to 25 (bag/cart)

I do not Carry Discs anymore.
I pull them along on wheels.
I take as many discs as I feel I might need for the course and conditions.
Short technical courses require my specialty Putters, XD's, and Cobras and low weight drivers, while windy and open courses require more overstable plastic, heavier weight drivers, and roller discs.
Because I do not carry them, I take more than I need, everything follows along, pulling with just one finger.
I have back-ups of my back-ups and they just come on along for the ride now.
True, in a tournament I may just use a few key discs, but if I need a utility disc, it is there.
The disc I need is not back in the car, or home in a box, it is rolling with me!
My game is tapered toward letting the disc do the work for me.
For this, you use many different discs (mostly different lifespans [beatness, or broken-in])
Making discs do what they are not intended for spells disaster in a tournament.
Backing off your Driver to make it come up short because you do not have your Midrange with you almost never works out.
Throwing extra power on your midrange to get it to go farther because you do not have your proper driver with you almost never works out.
Having ALL of the discs with you, that you know and trust, will create the confidence you need to CASH in a Tournament!
I'm sorry, but I have to rant a bit - I can't help it. I accept the philosophy of carrying a bunch of discs, but carry them. If you can't lift them then don't bring them. I play ball golf with guys twenty-five years younger than me who ride a cart for nine holes and they are worn out. I walk 36 with a full bag. It just seems to me (In my twisted opinion) that wheels - or a cart- on a disc golf bag are a little over the top. Strong, able bodied guys who can fling a disc 400'+ should not need to pull their discs on a luggage cart. Maybe when I'm 80. Sorry, end of rant.
When I carry my discs I play 2 rounds of Disc Golf.
When I pull my discs, I play 5 rounds of Disc Golf.
I reserve my energy for throwing the disc and moving about the course, not lugging heavy objects around.
That is a different sport, that I have seen on ESPN, to see which guy can carry the heavy object the furthest.
Not to mention the damage you are doing to your spine.
If you carry a heavy object on one side of your body for a long period of time, it can give you Scoliosis (Curvature of the Back).
This cart is so light weight that it can be carried-Joe G brought his cart to every round at the Gran Canyon course and had to carry it on certain holes, but still said it was better than carrying a bag the whole time.
The other problem with carts is that they do not fit into a car and are hard to travel with.
This cart breaks down and fits in any car, it is smaller than your bag.
This cart also costs less than most disc golf bags on the market.
It does not need to be modified and is ready for immediate use for Disc Golf.
Innova, at one time, actually designed a golf bag with an extra flap on the back, to slide over this cart and sit perfectly on the platform, but only a handful of people figured this out and Innova stopped producing the bag.
I already mentioned that I take extra gear with me now, like 4 water bottles instead of 2, and extra discs, sunblock, extra towels, extra clothes, rain gear, birdie bags, and mega snacks.
Some of my tournament rounds can last for 4 hours. I want some provisions and I do not want to lug them.
At the Daytona Open, I was not the only player to bring along a cordless fan-easy to drag, heavy to carry-it has batteries.
We play under some grueling conditions here in Florida, sometimes the tournament turns into who has the most stamina and carts are legal for tournaments.
Most of Team Super G uses a cart because of the many benefits, regardless of age or strength! We consider it a "no brainer" once you put it on the scale!
I have modified my cart with a few added clips that I use for towels and a place to clip the score card, etc.
I have repaired the cart on the fly....if a wheel comes off-you can use a keyring as a cotter pin. Fixed.
Tires do not require air, so they never go flat.
Elevation keeps you bag off the wet grass, above the flooded fairway, out of the mud, out of the fire ants, etc. I have not had a strap full of fire ants since I began using the cart!!!
This game is becoming more and more competitive, anything I can use legally to my advantage for that "ONE EXTRA STROKE" I am going to do it!
I have cashed a lot this year in the OPEN division, 5 of them have been ties....I need "ONE MORE STROKE!"
I am going to continue to use my cart to my advantage despite the opinionated looks of jealousy.
It allows me to channel my newly recovered energy toward my Disc Golf game, and I get plenty of exercise from the added rounds and added practice.
Relax, grab some wheels, play an extra round or two, feel the energy as you pull your load with one finger, throw the extra discs, eat your newly packed snacks and drink the extra water.
Thanks for the rant, and for letting me rant back, lol.
OK - you folks in Florida can obviously use all the help you can get, between heat, fire ants (had not considered those - yeeeech!) and all the rest. I would not want to be in your shoes - my hat's definitely off to you. That being said, for most disc golfers in gentler climates (and no fire ants) I still think we can do without carts. That, however, is my own personal bias - to each his own. Thanks for the answering rant!!!
I usually carry: 2 putters - a clasic Aviar and a Wizard SS. Drivers - 150g Stingray (Primary disc unless windy) 175g Wraith, 150g Dragon, 168g TL (Into the wind), 139g T-Bone,163g Beast, 165g Leopard (roller). Mid-Range - 169g Cryztal Z Buzzz, 137g Rock-it. Currently testing - 160g JLS, 160g QJLS, 150g QJLS. Total of 14 discs (Like 14 clubs in ball golf) in a Fade Gear Crunch Box bag.
curently 6 but in a week or two i will have 9 or 10
14 in small revolution bag . 18 on my custom cart.
i generally carry 12-16
too many 11 & 2 putters
Wow, I don't feel so bad after all. Hmmm.... I wonder if I can carry TWO bags. One in the cart and one on my back... Yesssss. ebay here I come. Wooohoooo. OK, I had to get that out of my system.


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