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i have been playing for about 4 months now and i carry 14-16 discs is that too many how many do you carry in a round

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I do not Carry Discs anymore.
I pull them along on wheels.
I take as many discs as I feel I might need for the course and conditions.
Short technical courses require my specialty Putters, XD's, and Cobras and low weight drivers, while windy and open courses require more overstable plastic, heavier weight drivers, and roller discs.
Because I do not carry them, I take more than I need, everything follows along, pulling with just one finger.
I have back-ups of my back-ups and they just come on along for the ride now.
True, in a tournament I may just use a few key discs, but if I need a utility disc, it is there.
The disc I need is not back in the car, or home in a box, it is rolling with me!
My game is tapered toward letting the disc do the work for me.
For this, you use many different discs (mostly different lifespans [beatness, or broken-in])
Making discs do what they are not intended for spells disaster in a tournament.
Backing off your Driver to make it come up short because you do not have your Midrange with you almost never works out.
Throwing extra power on your midrange to get it to go farther because you do not have your proper driver with you almost never works out.
Having ALL of the discs with you, that you know and trust, will create the confidence you need to CASH in a Tournament!
I usually carry: 2 putters - a clasic Aviar and a Wizard SS. Drivers - 150g Stingray (Primary disc unless windy) 175g Wraith, 150g Dragon, 168g TL (Into the wind), 139g T-Bone,163g Beast, 165g Leopard (roller). Mid-Range - 169g Cryztal Z Buzzz, 137g Rock-it. Currently testing - 160g JLS, 160g QJLS, 150g QJLS. Total of 14 discs (Like 14 clubs in ball golf) in a Fade Gear Crunch Box bag.
curently 6 but in a week or two i will have 9 or 10
I'm sorry, but I have to rant a bit - I can't help it. I accept the philosophy of carrying a bunch of discs, but carry them. If you can't lift them then don't bring them. I play ball golf with guys twenty-five years younger than me who ride a cart for nine holes and they are worn out. I walk 36 with a full bag. It just seems to me (In my twisted opinion) that wheels - or a cart- on a disc golf bag are a little over the top. Strong, able bodied guys who can fling a disc 400'+ should not need to pull their discs on a luggage cart. Maybe when I'm 80. Sorry, end of rant.
14 in small revolution bag . 18 on my custom cart.
i generally carry 12-16
too many 11 & 2 putters
Wow, I don't feel so bad after all. Hmmm.... I wonder if I can carry TWO bags. One in the cart and one on my back... Yesssss. ebay here I come. Wooohoooo. OK, I had to get that out of my system.
9 discs - 6 molds
I have been playing for around 2 years and I try to carry at max 16. Some I just carry for insurance, others for certain shots. I'd say you are fine if you use all of them.
Z pred : hard curve or wind
Force ESP (2) : straight followed by hard curve
Pulse ESP : perfect for sidearms
Flash Z : for S curves
Surge ESP (2) my main driver
Surge FLX : left turn
Avenger SS ESP: roller
Impact ESP straigt and straight
Drone Z : hard curves or wind (= shorter Pred)
Wasp ESP : straight even with light wind
Buzz Z : straight
Buzz FLX : straight, better feeling in the rain
Breeze Z : right curve
Challenger FLX : wind putter
Ching gummy putter : never rolls
Spike (lat.64) (2) : great putter and approach

That makes 19 in the bag !

Have nice flights

14 its hard to know exactly what all of your discs do if you carry to many. I used to carry like 25 but Once I slimmed down to the 14 discs that I throw the best my game improved big time. No Need to carry extra discs that you don't throw that often you only make mistakes with them.

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