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I carry 12 discs in my "Crunch Box" at the local 9-hole course. When I go to  courses further out, I carry 25+ in my Latitude bag. When I play, I only throw 6-8 of the discs routinely. I like to be prepared, but my obsession is getting ridiculous carrying more than I need. I have a total of 42 discs and I rigged up a jogging stroller to carry them all. I like having them with me, just in case.

I want to cut back and wondering what others are doing about carrying too many discs.

I figure 6 drivers, 4 mid-range, and 2 putters should be plenty for any situation.


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It depends.  More for tournaments, so I have backups in case I lose one mid-round.  More for courses where I'm likely to lose discs (water hazards), for the same reason even though it matters less in a casual round.  Most of the time, 10-12 discs.  Sometimes, for practice, just 1 or 2.


Some players I know, while playing casual, like to throw multiple drives on certain holes, for which they need multiple drivers with similar flight characteristics.



You had said "I only throw 6-8 of the discs routinely".

So just bring them.  Question answered.

I have seen people bring what I call way too many damn discs.

And they only use a couple.  Why weigh yourself down with plastic that you do not use routinely.

Tournaments are difficult enough, why make it more difficult.

There is the issue of specialty discs---beyond the 6-8 routinely thrown.  I carry a superoverstable disc for skipping around corners, and a superbeatupunderstable disc, for severe right turns.  Both for getting out of trouble, both not routinely used, but worth carrying for the time I need them.  Some people have roller or overhand discs on the same princple.


I moved to a larger bag specifically because of tournaments at Trophy Lakes, with the potential of losing a half-dozen in the course of a round.   I've lost 3 on one hole at Stoney Hill.  Tournaments are hard enough without getting stranded with only a few discs---and the wrong ones, at that.

Then I recommend a good cart to carry everything you need.
I carry 36 discs.  I like options.  I play strictly casual and like to throw multiple drives because thats the area of my game that needs work.  Over 27 holes there is not a single disc I wouldn't have thrown multiple times, and I don't carry anything that would make my bag redundant.  3 of the 36 are putters for practice/warm-up, I carry 7 mids, 3 fairway drivers and a huge collection of drivers.  I could cut my bag to 12 easy, but I like just having one bag to carry to field practice or a round of DG.  I personally don't mind carrying a duffel bag full of discs for 27 holes.  I do wish my Mach 2 was portable, but I'm considering welding together a base and taking a cutting torch to chop the extra length off.  Then I could make my own course in all the parks around here that are perfect for it.  Strap it to some kind of cart and I'm off.

I have a cart so doesn't matter but I usually carry around 16. I use about 5 or 6 of them on average.

If I had to carry them I would be way more selective.

I know some players that carry 20+. There is no way I would ever do that. I'm an old guy and that would wear me out!







i want to say 13-15 discs are the IDEAL number of discs. Currently I carry 6-10 depending. I say 13-15 because it is based on my throws and selection of discs/bag configuration.


I have just recently trimmed my bag down to 9 discs and I think it has helped my game. Too many choices can be a bad thing sometimes. I carry 4 drivers, 3 mids and 2 putters. That's all i need and the light load feels good in this southern heat.
Seven molds with main driver, putter, and midrange spares.
I have been thinking about this also. I am still a Newbie. I carry around more discs than I should, BUT, out of the 12-14 that I carry, I am narrowing it down to 7-9 that I am using Constantly. Those are the discs I have used enough to know what they are more than likely gonna do when they leave my hand. I am still rotating new discs into my bag trying to find the "Perfect" bag for me. I wish I knew what the hell I am doing..... :)
Wicked sideburns, but your bag is missing a Groove.  Must be a typo on the website.

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