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My cousin and I played Yulga DGC yesterday. It's a pretty nice course, so if you haven't played it, you should. As I expected (what with spring break in effect and the beautiful weather we've been having), it was pretty busy out there. Most people were in pairs or groups of four. Seems adequate to me. Sure, we had to wait a few minutes for the group/s ahead of us to hole out, but that's disc golf.

We meandered our way through the course, and as we came around the corner leading to the tee on hole 10, I saw at least 15 people standing around the tee pad. Turns out that 8 of these guys were in a group, and the remainder of the party were just other groups waiting their turn. Now from what I've gathered about disc golf etiquette, they should have let some of the smaller groups play through. They would not. To make matters worse, each member of this 8-man group was throwing from the tee-pad twice, and then just playing their best lie (a practice that I find counter-productive, but that's another story).

Let me clarify here. I do not have an issue with large groups. I think everyone has a right to play. I DO have an issue with large groups completely abandoning any sort of disc golf etiquette. I don't know why they do this. Perhaps they feel strengthened by their numbers and therfore they think they can just do whatever they want. I guess my speculation here doesnt matter.

What do you think? How many in a group is too many?

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An eight-some throwing two drives each on a busy course is a terrible courtesy violation. Not allowing others to play through is even worse.

On the flip side, individuals who are playing a speed round and who expect to pass a group on every hole are also pretty annoying.
I can understand the thinking of "We came to toss with our friends- we don't want to be split" but IMO they should play dubs, especially if they were tossin two each time.
I also do not think number of players equals hole time. A large group that birdies/pars most is still usually faster then a threesome that bogies most.
To bad we don't live in the wonderful world of walgreens, but I think a group of 8 throwing twice is bad golf etiquette.
ha, thats not that bad for yulga, it gets way worse then that. sometimes you just have to ask, a lot of the people at yulga are casual players and dont know etique.

my suggestion is avoid yulga all together on weekends and weekdays between 4-9. then get out there and help us get more courses in rapids and point, because DG is blowin up around here and soon every course will be like that.
anything over six is a drag, i find when i go just to play 9 or 18 with a few friends and come across large groups i will jump a couple of holes.
Well I've played in groups of 15 or better and i like it because i have a gallery, but we always let the smaller groups go ahead....
The courses here allow us to skip holes and play around these large groups.
There is usually a crafty way to skip a few holes, play a few, then walk a little extra to play the holes you missed.
Fill out the scorecard according to the holes you played until you have a score for 18.
I like to get out early in the morning and throw...much less crowded!
We have a problem like here at Westchester Lagoon, only good time to play is early in the morning or when it is raining. If it is sunny out or not raining and it is after 1pm, you're screwed. Plus, a lot of people come drink and play disc golf. It is a short pitch-n-putt 9hole course and it can take over 2 hours to play 18 during peak times. I just avoid the course all together other than winter time, it is a beginner course where most holes are less than 200 ft.

We usually ask if we can play through, but some times you get the a-holes that won't let you and throw several discs. Some times they even like to whoot and holler when you're throwing or putting or make stupid comments. I think if they weren't in such big numbers they wouldn't be so bad. It is hard to say something to them without a possible fight breaking out. I know I can't win, so I just don't go where they are.

It is nice to see those one disc wonders and play at the pro tees at our championship course. We all just laugh as they can't throw 200 ft or 200 ft semi-accurately or they lose their discs. A lot of us find satisfaction in their plight and just laugh quietly amongst each other.
I saw a group of 20 disc golfers with one disc each play before. It was funny to watch. they were about 14- 19. they kindly let me play through.
Sorry bout that Terry! I played my share of speed golf rounds, but I try to go during low traffic times. And if I did encounter a group on the tee I'd patiently wait behind them and stop my watch. Most of the groups would usher me on with bemused comments about why in the world would you run while playing disc golf. I'm not sure myself after several rounds. I've actually given up speed golf altogether recently. I either go running, or I play golf, no more multitasking! If I want that rush now I'll play in our weekly ultimate game.

I was almost hit by a disc of a speed golfer. He didn't even say fore and we had no idea anyone was behind us as it was a wooded course. This was during a tournament! He didn't apologize and ran in front of me to finish up as I was already taking my stance to putt. It was as if we existed in parallel universes and couldn't actually interact. I was too stunned by his rudeness to even comment though anyway.
We try to make it 6. If we have 6 we usually play doubles.

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