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 I always just used a three finger power grip  and a few years ago I started to try a 4 finger grip.


 I found I gain nothing by going to a 4 finger grip.  is that odd?

 has anyone else tried this or do the same as me?

 also just got some sweet new plastic in Reddit's secret Santa :)

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when u only use 3 fingers, which one is left out ?   i am a 4 finger power gripper. i havent tried a 3 finger one. 

my pinky.

I use four fingers because it feels right. But each to his own I guess.

A friend of mine was raving about going three finger yesterday and how much he loved it.

i began using a grip with my pinky, ring, and middle finger under the rim and my index on the underside of the rim. not sure if that is considered three finger grip or not. I have slowly been transitioning into a grip where i start with that grip and right before i release the disc my index finger slides down a bit under the rim. This transition is more of a subconscious thing but i have noticed my drives getting a little more distance.

I use a stacked 4 finger grip because I like the control. I do use a 3 finger grip when I am throwing a disc on at an extreme anny angle, it help unlock my wrist.

I use a three finger grip.  It always was more natural for me than a power grip.  I recently found that the three finger grip I use takes up the same amount of space on the disc as a traditional power grip.  I also am a career construction worker so I have beefier hands than most...

I do you a power grip only for extra distance or any powerful OAT throw.  I am certain that a power grip yields more distance and spin, when used properly.  I am also certain that a power grip also leads to a noticeable lack of control in the line or end result of a drive, for me anyway.  It is not too much of a difference but I have seen overtime that I am far more consistent with a three finger grip.

When I was learning long distance (plateaued at 430ish wanted to throw over 5)  I finally forced myself to use the power grip and it made a huge difference in distance.  I don't know of anybody other than Robbie Bratten (sp?) that throws 500+ with less than a 4 finger power grip although I am sure they are out there. Which brings me to my next point...

The reality of grip really comes down to a personal decision regarding what is comfortable to you.  I use a 3 finger for almost every shot, spin putts included.   I know what I do is "unorthodox" but there are a few more than notable players who have found doing things their way works for them.  Emac putts with a power grip and Robbie Bratten uses two fingers to throw massive distances.  It works for them and that is not diminished by the fact that these two things could never work for me. 

I cant imagine putting with a power grip but then again, a guy who putts as great as Emac, could never imagine trading putts with me :) 

Go with what works.

If you want pics of my three finger grip I will post it for you

I use a two finger that I adopted when I was playing freestyle in the 80's with the old Wham-o 165G. It transferred well to my backhand throw. My control suffered for awhile but I was able to bring it back with practice. I am told the four finger power grip give more control.

I use a "peace sign" grip on my forehand throws. That came from playing ultimate back in the day with those Whamo 165g. discs. I don't really see anyone else using that grip but it works for me.

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