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So far, i have hit three vehicles with my disc. the first was a car parked in the middle of the fairway at the course at montevallo, al. there is a huge pottery kiln and the entrance is on the fairway. Occasionally, people will park right in the way. I usually have no problem getting over or around them, but this one day i drove my midrange right into the side of this newer car, no damage.the second was at fairhope, al. a fellow disc golfer had just pulled up, and i threw a star destroyer back towards the parking area from the eighteenth basket. the wind caught it and it flipped and soared right into the guys back windshield, no more than two feet from his head. i yelled four and apologized a hundred times or more. and most recently at fairhope again, while the locals were having a baseball game, this guy parked his pickup right in the middle of the fairway. i was actually playing a round with the guy that i narrowly missed and hit his truck. he kindly asked the owner of the truck to move his truck because we didn't want to hit it. the guy moved his truck, and i proceeded to drive my z glide right into a tree which then banked off and nailed the guy's truck right in the driver door, no damage. i couldn't even look at the guy, but he was laughing about it.

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I saw a school bus get its headlight busted out by a drive at The Memorial a few years back.

Earlier this week, Ben hit Sheila on the hip with a drive: She was standing by the pin and he was 450' away. It still had enough power (Destroyer) to bruise her good.
Hole 4 at Wills Park in Alpharetta, GA. The tee is right at the corner of a parking lot and the basket is about 280' away at about a 10 or 15 degree angle away from the lot. So a backhand drive usually flies over the whole length of the lot before it hyzers in to the green. Most of the time, no one parks there.

This day, some uninformed park-goer parked his/her brand new mercedes about ten spots down from the tee. Well I wound up and chucked an X-clone. It was a laser heading right for the car. It smacked into the driver side window. I couldn't believe the window didn't break. It left a huge plastic smudge on the window that I couldn't rub off easily. I'm sure they were able to get it off later. Istill wonder how the window didn't shatter. I bet if it was a hyundai or kia it would have.
How ironic ;)

Yesterday during doubles, hole 8...B pad Tuscawilla...long placement tucked back close to a 90* corner of the OB park road....Righty hyzer, well protected by some trees....not a long hole...but a tougher placement with the OB within 15' behind and to the side of the basket. My preferred shot on this hole is a low and fast skip shot...Firebird, Max. My partner went hyzer...got caught up in some branches... dropped 70+/- short. My shot, I over powered slightly short with to much hyzer angle...Big Skip!!! heading hard and fast to the no duece zone!!!! Just at the right moment!!!. A car, who's driver was well exceding the posted 10 mph speed limit, turned that corner and happened to get in the way of my crappy shot... T-Boned'em!!! Hard!!! An "Oh $h!T" direct hit!!! The disc bounces off the rear quarter panel back in bounds towards the basket...parked!! 10' pin high. We end up winning by 1. ;)~

Oh Yeah! The guy never stopped...just sorta waved and sped away....It was a Saturn....lmao!!!
Only 3? Hell I have done that on 1 huck.
goose-egg. i guess our courses are well designed. and there is no lack of real estate here in WI.
The only time I hit a car is when I was tossing a disc to a couple friends of mine who were standing by a car. The disc sailed slightly and neither one went for it (I guess they both thought the other one was going to go for it). It was only a mid-range though, and luckily it only was chucked from about 60ft away.

No damage btw.
man, I didn't want to say but at the UNC course in Chapel hill, Some one parked a Nice, brand new Land Cruizer in the wrong spot. I think they were going to the softball game and probably didn't know about discgolf. Anyways, there is a little OB creek that wraps around the basket, so a HYZER BOMB drops in just nicely if done correctly. Well, I let my disc rip, nice and angled and high, as it reaches the crest of the flight peak, the wind bounces the underside of hte disc, pushes it what looks like 20 feet back, then the descent starts and I can see where it is heading. SMACK, right in hte front quarter panel. We look around, nothing but other discers' laughing. So we walk up and there is this perfectly shaped rim of the disc dent right in the panel, there will be no rlling this dent out, the metal appears to be kinked. So we do what anyone else would do in this sitaution, we laughed about it and played on! Sorry person where ever you are.
I think I am at four and one city bus. The course I play at is set up at a park that has a road going around in a circle with about eight roads emptying into it. You play on the outside of the circle and there are another eight roads connecting the ones that empty into it. Pretty easy to hit a car if you mess up. Plus a lot of the locals park along the last hole fairway. The best I seen was one in the bed of a moving truck. We didn't get that one back.
I hit my Astro van.It was parked in my drive way.My basket is in the back yard. I tee off by the driveway.It hooked right went 10',then BAM!The basket is 175' away.
I'm pretty sure that I 've hit 3 so far but only one good one it was durning a tournament and a good 3hundo away skipped off the top. The car was no ones in my group and checked it out had no damage so no harm no foul and furthermore the disc ended up landing in bounds.
Parked or moving ?
Does it have to be with my disc?

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