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So far, i have hit three vehicles with my disc. the first was a car parked in the middle of the fairway at the course at montevallo, al. there is a huge pottery kiln and the entrance is on the fairway. Occasionally, people will park right in the way. I usually have no problem getting over or around them, but this one day i drove my midrange right into the side of this newer car, no damage.the second was at fairhope, al. a fellow disc golfer had just pulled up, and i threw a star destroyer back towards the parking area from the eighteenth basket. the wind caught it and it flipped and soared right into the guys back windshield, no more than two feet from his head. i yelled four and apologized a hundred times or more. and most recently at fairhope again, while the locals were having a baseball game, this guy parked his pickup right in the middle of the fairway. i was actually playing a round with the guy that i narrowly missed and hit his truck. he kindly asked the owner of the truck to move his truck because we didn't want to hit it. the guy moved his truck, and i proceeded to drive my z glide right into a tree which then banked off and nailed the guy's truck right in the driver door, no damage. i couldn't even look at the guy, but he was laughing about it.

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Once I hit a full sized dodge truck and knocked out the front grill. I said I was sorry and tried to help the guy but he was a total douche. All that broke were the clips, when I told him that he started yelling at me so I left his ar$$. He called the police and the cop just laughed when I gave my side of the story. The douche never contacted me about fixin it.I guess he realized he was a total douche.
This is sad: I was practicing in my parent's yard one time, trying to hit a thin tree gap. I was throwing near, around, and over my car. After a couple cycles back and forth, I didn't really even think about where my car was, just the line that I wanted to hit. Threw a banger too low, and smashed out my side mirror. It still hasn't been fixed, so If you see the self-induced damage on my blue Geo Prizm, make fun of me, please.

Cass Crew: if you park at hole 1, isn't it difficult to restrain yourself from throwing into the parking lot from 18's basket?

Chad Curtis said:
I hit my own truck once. I went out early in the morning to practice at a local course and parked in a convenient area instead of the parking lot. As I stood on the tee and looked over at my truck I thought "No, I won't shank one over there". Hahaha. I did.
Ive nailed atleast 10+ Cars My Own like once. But at a local course Knollwood, The course is extrmely packed and people so often park along the roadside and there is one hole that goes right along where EVERYONE parks There will be 8 cars from the tee to the pin lining the hole and there only like 5 feet to the left and along the line many people take I have skipped of cars roofs hoods windows quarter panels for many good shots almost aced of a car once thats how close they sometimes park to this particular hole. Cars get hit Everyday at this course.
I've only hit one so far, and that's enough for me!!! It was when i first started playing. I threw an under stable disc hyzer, and it still went right. As it was soaring outta bounds a NICE truck popped over the hill and the disc slammed it. I just stood there in shock.... and almost started to run when I saw the "Ape" of a man who stepped out of the truck!!! Thank God that guy was a "Gentle Giant". He was very understanding and the disc hit his wind shield, so no major damage.
I personally have hit several vehicles with my discs, but that's not why I'm replying. I witnessed a shot at Coachman Park in Clearwater, FL that was pretty funny and thought you all would enjoy it too. While throwing some practice shots before a handicap, my buddy Mark let one rip that flew about 430 feet or so. It was a crush of a shot and we knew it was heading towards and over the road so we observed and laughed that he would have to walk through traffic to get it. As the disc hyzered out and started to come down, a white pick up truck driving away from us swooped in underneath the disc just in time for the shot to land in the bed of the truck. While the rest of us were rolling on the ground laughing, Mark took off sprinting to get his favorite driver back. The driver of the truck stopped another hundred yards down the road and got the disc out for him. He said "Nice shot!" got back in his truck and drove off.
Well I have hit one vehicle. It was last summer at rum village. I was to throw on hole 12 the basket is straight through a bunch of trees and over a low hill I always would hit something on the way through the trees. Well one day I was playing best shot my partner tells me to try and throw this route his buddy throws he said i should have the arm to do it. There is a road which runs through the park well this road is real close to the tee and the hole is maybe 30 feet away from this road. I threw it to the right and and let follow road and take a skip back left it worked perfect. Well I tried to do it again last summer when i was out there. I noticed a car parked up there parked and thought twice a bout my throw. I decided it was not in the way. I step up and look at line to the right . I figure if I throw ten feet short of the car I will be fine. I let it fly and watch it all the way I'm thinking hell yeah this is great then the wind stood it up. Then i realized all crap this is bad I watch It hoping it won't go threw it's back wind shield. It drops at the last sec and tags the bumper. I get up there and no ones in the car I think I'm all clear. Then a guy walks up and looks at me I ask if it was his car, of course it was. I told him what happened He says good throw I was like what dude i just cracked your bumper and chipped the paint. The dude was cool he himself is a disc golfer lucky me.
I was showing my mom how I throw my disc and the wind got a hold of it, and it flew towards the car where she was sitting in and thank god it hit the bottom of the door instead of hitting her in the head. It scared the hell out of me.
I just hit my cousins car 2 days ago or so. Threw from the tee on hole 2 and shanked it bad. Flew right over to the parking lot. I didn't see it hit, but I heard that tell-tale "thunk". I felt kinda bad about it, not just because I hit his car, but because his car was in the opposite direction of the hole. Yeah. Terrible throw...
I just hit the Mayor's jeep this morning. Lucky I live in the small town of Royston ,Georgia, about 2 thousand people.He thought it was a bird.
We were playing a safari hole which crossed a park road. My drive looked good until a vehicle popped around the corner on a collision course with my drive. The disc loudly smacked the front of the car, somewhere around the grill area. The car came to a panicked, screeching halt in the middle of the road. The lady driver frantically ran to the front of her car and saw-nothing. The disc had rolled away. I started walking toward the car to apologize but the lady got back in the car and drove off. She never looked our way. I'm guessing she never saw the disc and thought she had hit and animal or something.

Driving away she looked flustered but relieved. Me too.

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