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Just watched a video of Nate Doss talking about keeping your bag simple. How much plastic is too much?

Here's what I carry:

1 Excalibur Headwind distance and big hyzers.
2 Wraiths Normal condition/tailwind distance.
1 new Predator. Headwind control driver and control hyzers.
2 TeeBirds. Everything driver. One stable, one kinda beat.
1 Beat Orc. Former main driver is now my headwind roller.
1 Monarch Distance roller, long turnovers.
1 beat XS. Strong tailwind roller, controlled turnovers.
1 Flick exclusively for thumbers since I like keeping my Pred stable.

1 Champion Shark. Stable midrange.
1 Beat Glow Roc Turnover midrange--soon to be replaced by DX Shark.

1 soft Wizard--main putter
1 glow Wizard holds a turnover better.

I also want to replace the champion Rhyno that I lost and add an overstable midrange--discraft needs to release an ESP drone : ) I have also been toying with the idea of adding a fairway driver like a TL, Leopard, Impact, or XL. I'd probably still be carrying a Rhyno and XL If I hadn't lost them this summer. Both were ace discs : (

It seems like I'm carrying a lot of different molds, but taking anything out of my bag seems to leave a hole in my repertoire of shots.

What do you guys (and gals) think? What do you throw, and how do you find a balance between keeping it simple and having a disc for every shot?

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For tourneys, I carry as few as possible depending on the conditions and course.
Practice rounds I like to keep it under 10, and sometimes less.

Tourney bag might be
1-3 putters, Aviars
3-5 midrange, Rocs
1 overstable mid like a Gator or Pig
2 fairway drivers, Teebird/TL
1-2 understable drivers, Leopard or Roadrunner
2-4 long range drivers, Wraith and Xcal
I have two bags, and I generally carry the smaller one. When I play at a course I don't know well, I grab the larger bag.

Small bag:

Boss (trying it out)
Classic Roc

Larger Bag:

All of the above, plus
Soft Magnet
Diablo DT
Beast (Star and Champion plastic)
14 .
buy an flx drone, i love mine.

i just cut my bag down to 9 drivers, 6 midranges/fairway drivers, and 4 put and approach. and i just lost my Z Wasp, so i need to get a new one. i wanna try an ESP XL soon too for straight and turnover drives.

Z Express 171
ESP Flash 172
Z Surge 168
Z Crush 167
ESP Pulse 171
ESP ESP 150 Flick 148
ESP Force 171
Z Flick 167
Z Predator 171

X Stratus 170ish
Z Glide 175
ESP Meteor 178
ESP Comet 172
Z Buzzz 166
FLX Drone 176

Putt and Approach
2 Hard Magnets 175
ESP Zone 174
Pro D Rattler 170ish
If I have to carry 16 or more , I use my custom Disc Golf Cart !!!!!
2- wizards one beat
2 - magics for putting
1 - evo magic for turnover approuches
1-dx shark (just got this disc and im really liking it
1 - dx san marino roc
1 - evo element great turn over disc
1 - star destroyer
1- first run champ boss
1 - ce valk
1- ce teebird
1- champ teebird
1- star xcal
1 - assassin
1 - diablo dt (s turn monster going deep)
3 - star leopards

what i should be cutting back to
2 leopards
2 destroyers
1 boss
1 ce valk
1 champ teebird
1 dx shark
1 dx roc
1 evo magic
2 sss voodoo's
2 ss wizards

Really wannna get into disc minimalization right now, i usually at the moment carry 20+ discs and it has really helped get some of the unwanted fat off myself. but im using alot of energy i dont need to be using.
I'm a DGRer so I carry a minimalist bag of 9-10 discs and 5 molds.
4-5 drivers (Predator, Avengers, Cyclones)
3 midrange (Wasps in various stages)
2 putters (Challengers)
yea that nate doss video encourage me to cut down my bag and i pulled out all the crap i dont use.
Right now about 17 discs.
unless it's a super long or difficult course, go out to your local 'regular' course and try throwing it with one or two discs. heck, maybe especially if it is a long and difficult course. might be surprised.

I've really whittled my bag down from 16 or so to 9 discs this last year.
does it make me a better player? probably not, it's easier to decide and have confidence in those 9 discs rather than have to look at a bag with 20 discs.

good topic though.
Friendly Practice = 13.
Competetion = 23.

Why? I like to use the same motion every time I throw? Lots of discs allows me to do that and yet achieve different results than if I had fewer discs. Can I make disc XYZ hyzer this way or anhyzer that way? Probably. But why should I when discs ABC and 123 will do it for me? I'm still learning, but this seems to work well for me.
I mainly carry the following:

1 Z Surge
1 FLX Surge
1 FLX Predator
1 Star TeeRex
1 Champion Leopard
1 FLX Buzzz
1 ESP Buzzz
2 Z Wasps
1 FLX Challenger

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