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Just watched a video of Nate Doss talking about keeping your bag simple. How much plastic is too much?

Here's what I carry:

1 Excalibur Headwind distance and big hyzers.
2 Wraiths Normal condition/tailwind distance.
1 new Predator. Headwind control driver and control hyzers.
2 TeeBirds. Everything driver. One stable, one kinda beat.
1 Beat Orc. Former main driver is now my headwind roller.
1 Monarch Distance roller, long turnovers.
1 beat XS. Strong tailwind roller, controlled turnovers.
1 Flick exclusively for thumbers since I like keeping my Pred stable.

1 Champion Shark. Stable midrange.
1 Beat Glow Roc Turnover midrange--soon to be replaced by DX Shark.

1 soft Wizard--main putter
1 glow Wizard holds a turnover better.

I also want to replace the champion Rhyno that I lost and add an overstable midrange--discraft needs to release an ESP drone : ) I have also been toying with the idea of adding a fairway driver like a TL, Leopard, Impact, or XL. I'd probably still be carrying a Rhyno and XL If I hadn't lost them this summer. Both were ace discs : (

It seems like I'm carrying a lot of different molds, but taking anything out of my bag seems to leave a hole in my repertoire of shots.

What do you guys (and gals) think? What do you throw, and how do you find a balance between keeping it simple and having a disc for every shot?

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when i drive with midranges OR throw 50% or less of my power with a driver then i use more of a "fan" grip. i hook my index and pinky finger around the rim like a normal power grip but i leave my middle and ring finger out somewhat to keep the control.
joshlotto said:
when i drive with midranges OR throw 50% or less of my power with a driver then i use more of a "fan" grip. i hook my index and pinky finger around the rim like a normal power grip but i leave my middle and ring finger out somewhat to keep the control.

You know, it's funny, back when I started playing, the grip you just described was the only grip I would use. Now when I grip a driver, I curl all 4 fingers under the rim. And when throwing a midrange I stack all 4 fingers. Anything else just feels unnatural. I think that curling my index finger under the the rim and stacking my other 3 fingers might work as a control grip for me (I'm thinking this is the "Climo" grip) but it would take some getting used to.
yea i kinda stack my index and ring finger and the curl my index and pinky under. when i drive with drivers and try to get max distance, i always curl all four.
This is what I would be carrying at a course I didn't know well or a tournament. I bring the whole arsenal to new courses; but at my local course I usually take just the necessities

3 Destroyers; 2 pro 1 star, each pro in a different state of age
2-3 Beasts, 1 star, the other champion, depending on what kind of a course is. If it's a tournament where I have extra space in the bag, I'll bring all 4 beasts and throw some over the water.
1 Roc
2 Putters, 1 star 1 dx aviar
1 Pro wraith, very beat in
1 Dragon for crap-I-don't-want-to-throw-anything good-in-the-water shots
1 Champ Monarch
1 Star Monster, for the shorter drives
1 Champ Panther, short shots with a hard turnover
2 of the 2008 ace race discs.
1 Pro Valk
1 eagle, 150g, for the water shots
1 Champ orc, not sure what it is for
Check Gottagogottathrow.com , they have the ESP FLX Drone (2008 Worlds Stamp) on sale... Love that Disc!!!!

ESP Avenger SS, Chmp. Monarch, Z Flash, X Avenger, 2- Z Surges, ESP Pulse, Z Tracker & ESP Pred.

Mid/ Drivers- Mids:
D Cheetah, D Viper, ESP FLX Drone, DGA Shockwave, 3- Z Wasps, ESP Supercolor Buzzz

2- ESP Banger GTs, D Soft Magnet

So it's 20 discs + or - depending on the course and wind... all are the max weights or pretty close...

I find that with my mix of drivers I can handle any shoot off the tee... with the Avenger SS and Monarch I have .5 stable and understable, then from the Flash to the Pred I have anywhere from 1.5 over to 2.5 over... that gives me a wide range of shoots BH and FH...

Mids are my favorite... LOVE the WASP!!! Cheetah is nice and straight... Viper is my Hyzer Mid/ Driver and it's my get outta trouble disc... Drone my Hyzer Mid and the Wasp can do anything!!! Buzzz is for "DEAD NUTS" straight shots...

Putters I try and keep it simple, Banger GTs have 1.0 overstable for in the wind putting and the Magnet is a straight line putter..

I don't think I pull out every disc on any single round but I will try and play through twice and change shots and discs... to practice... I really should take about 5 out but when I remove any one it seems like I will get into a situation when I "wish" I had that one!
star Excalibur
first run star Destroyer x2
champion Destroyer
champion Boss
06 Augusta Wraith
pro Wraith
first run star Teerex
old school CE Firebird x2
old school CE Teebird
KC pro Valkyrie x2
pro line Monster
03 USDGC 1d1c Roc
champion Classic Roc
Omega SS putter
3 or 4 Star Tee rexs (depends on course)
1 Star Monster (tomahawk nad thumnber)
1 Star Star Wraith (water holes where I dont want to loose a teerex)
2 flat top rocs (180+)
1 Champion roc
1 flex buzz
ohhhh and my famous putter (sometimes 2)
the FLX XL
I believe you have to learn your specific disc and then learn what it can do for you. I throw 95% forehand and am now working on my backhand but know what each of my disc will do for me...well, as long as I throw it properly.
5 Flash's
1 FLX Surge
1 ESP Pulse
1 FLX Avenger
X Avenger
2 Z Buzz
2 pro D Zone (1 new, 1 old)
Dga Rogue
2 Magnets
1 soft magnet
Pro D Rubber rattler
Usually 3 credit cards get me by .....................................Wait ..........................Golf Plastic :)
Mine would be the AARP card, AETNA card, PDGA card, PDGA Officals card, and my Debit Card. ;)
Hey , do you get discounts with your AARP card ?

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