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Okay so I get the general idea of how to make a disc anhyzer.  I've watched many (all) of the Discraft Disc Golf Clinics on Youtube, and one is called The Anhyzer Shot...Mark Ellis explains that if you twist/snap your wrist just right, it will anhyzer.  I usually snap my wrist down, somewhat.  As I'm releasing im almost pushing down over my throw, ending with the palm of my hand facing upward.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very familiar with the anhyzer shot...only at slow speeds, and wide angles.

I want a straight, long shot that will anhyzer out at the end.


What I'm confused about, is how you can send your disc straight out 200 feet, and still know it's going to anhyzer?  How can you send it so far and straight without initiating the right hand turn too quickly?


I know there is no specific way to explain how to do this,  but any suggestions on the release, distance calculation,  how far you can actually throw it straight and still have it anhyzer, how hard you have to twist your wrist, angle of the disc upon release, also in the air.  Anything.



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Im not sure how I snap my wrist and all that but for me...

Short distance I angle the disc where I want it to got and put some air under it, and just let the disc glide on over.

Long distance I hyzer flip it, this way its breaking to a annie farther down the field. I use a pair of sidewinders one is only 161g so I know it will flip over and turn hard, the other is 167g and newer I use it when I need it to fade back a little at the end.

by far the easiest way to get the long straight anny at the end is learn to throw forehand.

I agree...Find the right disc and be patient. Try Roadrunners, Sidewinders, Valkyrie's or even Leopards. I don't have any understable discraft discs. So you'd have to ask someone else on that.


Very true.  I'm not a fan of the forehand mostly because im not good at it, and I like the style of backhand.  Forehand just doesn't feel right, or as smooth.

Same here I hated trying to forehand, but with some practice I've started using it. Still very little but I have that now for a get out of trouble shot.

You may look into a R-pro boss too, it's a fairly understable driver that will break in Very quick because of the R-pro plastic. Bad thing is it will could become too understable for you after 15-20 solid tree hits.

Earlier this year I was wondering the same thing. Here is a quick run down of what I have learned. It sounds like you know how to anhyzer off the tee for nice left turning shots but are looking to learn how to have your shot start to turn left at the end of its flight. Whoever said hyzer flip is spot on, learn this technique. Its really not so hard to do it is just that you need the right disc. I would recommed a Discraft Comet to learn how to hyzer flip. Just let it rip at a slight hyzer angle but keep the flight of the disc flat and straight. It should leave your hand with hyzer than it will start to get flat and than finally start to go right. In my experience not all "understable" discs hyzer flip the way your talking about.  LIke I can't get my leopard to hyzer flip for the life of me. My hyzer flips discs are- Short to Mid range = Discraft Comet. Longer Drives I use with a Monarch or a light weight ESP Nuke which is MONEY for the hyzer flip. Hope this helps.

Thanks dude helped a lot.

I understand that a lot of people don't like to throw forehand, personaly I don't understand why someone would not want to utilize a type of throw that makes your shot arsenal better. Granted I don't throw for a lot of distance with a forehand, 275' average, but it sure does make those dogleg to the right shots a lot easier. You also have to remember, when you first started throwing backhand you had to practice that shot didn't you?

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