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I have been throwing a Z comet for a while now and I love it.  I always felt it was a bit bulky though and sometimes have trouble gripping it.  I recently felt an ESP comet (I found it and must return it, so I am not able to keep it).  The top was quite flexible, and fit in my hand better.  

I want to keep throwing my Z. Is there a way to work a disc, especially the top, to soften it up?  Has anyone tried this?

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Flip it on it's top and poor very hot water into it. Or grip it with both thumbs and pinch while rotating it. Play upside down parking lot skips with it. D.) All of the above.... lol.
I don't want to ruin it though... parking lot... no, maybe hot water... I thought about the thumb thing.

maybe I should do all at the same time... put hot water in it, pinch it, and then throw it on cement!
It sounds like you don't want your Z Comet broken in (become less stable) so much as you want it less domey and less slippery. As Z plastic breaks in, perhaps after years of breaking in, it usually flattens out some. In terms of softness though, I have not noticed it changing over time (D plastic, like in putters does get softer with lots of use).

What changes the feel of the plastic is the temperature you play in. So Z plastic will feel more slippery in winter and grippier in summer. But Z will never feel just like ESP plastic, no matter what you do to it. To get that ESP feeling you will need to use ESP.

You might want to try Z in warm weather and ESP in cold and see how that works.
Thanks for the advise. I am just looking to flatten out the disc, or at least have more give when I grip it. Do you have a wise tip to accelerate the "years of breaking in?"
Well it ain't technically the years, its the miles (and the dings). So throw it a lot.
You could try loaning it to an errant throwing beginner but the last time I tried it, he lost it.

To improve grip you can use stick-um, either pine tar or a synthetic version (yes, they are PDGA legal for tournaments). My preference is called Pow'r Tac and it can be found on the internet or in sporting goods stores in the baseball section (used for spraying bat handles).

You can flatten the top of a candy plastic disc with heat or weight but it will spring back up when it gets warm again. So the easiest way to throw a flat top disc is to start with a flat top disc. I don't like domey discs so I don't throw Comets, I throw broken in Buzzz's. None of the discs in my bag are domey. Most of them are either dead nuts flat or slightly concave. Only the Z Tracker, the Z Surge SS and the Rogue ( my anhyzer drivers) have a hint of dome to them.
What do you have that is concave? a specific disc, or just very broken in buzzzs
Concave? All of my putters (Rattlers and Magnets) since that shape fits best in my hand. My Z Buzzz, and some of my Crushes and Flashes. Eventually all the Crushes and Flashes will become concave if they stay in the bag long enough.

Another word about speeding up break in. Anything you do to accelerate break in is inherently risky: the best way is the natural way, just playing with it.

The safest of the speeding up processes are playing skip catch in the parking lot ( which slowly wears the bead or the bottom edge down) and bending the edges of the disc down.

Once a disc gets too broken in you may not be able to reverse the process. While hot water is excellent for bringing back plastic memory (the original shape and flight characteristics), too much heat can ruin a disc. Some players fill a disc up with water and microwave it, which if done for too long will ruin it.
thank you. Sounds like I will be playing rounds with only my Comet for awhile. It might teach me to have better form in the processes.
I let my wife throw my new disc's for a few weeks. This accomplishes two things. She gets to throw the disc and they get beat in by the trees at a slower speed and keep some of their stability that they might have lost if I was hitting trees (which I do a lot). Then after a few weeks new discs don't feel so new, but they still fly new (which I like).
I just bought a X-Comet and it feels great and I won't have to spend forever breaking it in.
I've been thinking about this issue a lot recently myself--that is, how to speed up the process of breaking in premium plastic discs. I especially appreciate Mark's suggestions and I'll be trying out some of the methods mentioned soon enough. If anyone else has a favorite method (besides hitting trees) please do share.
X comets are the way to go, they are not as domey as Z and much grippier. Thats what I would recommend seeing as how the ESP version is harder to find

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