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About this same time last year I hurt my back very badly while playing disc golf. I was stupid and kept playing when I should have stopped. I had to take two weeks off and I could only putt.

Well it's happened again. At least I think I didn't do it while playing DG, although it may be possible.

I say that because I started throwing with a run up three weeks ago. I am getting amazing results and much lower scores as some holes are now much more likely to get pars or even birdies on that before were untouchable for me.

This may have been what has lead to this current injury. But what really sucks is that the final straw was bending over after a shower to get some underwear and socks. I don't know exactly, but that was the last straw for my back.

It's frustrating as I have been playing better than I ever have.

Anyone else out there having back problems, and dealing better with it than I? I go to the chiropractor in a few hours, but I am hoping I do not have to modify my new throw.

I wish I could video tape it, but I have a crappy connection, but a good player in my group last week said the only thing I really needed to work on was to not swing my front foot so much on my final step.

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I have Excedrin Back and Body which takes some of it off, but not all. I hate taking pain meds. Maybe I can call Rush and get some Oxycontin? ;) I am going to have to come up with some routine for stretches and strength conditioning to hopefully avoid this in the future. Needless to say I wont be joining you on the MB trails today.

I'll be at league tomorrow, but only to walk through the course while Ken plays. I hope to make this week up next week as we get one make up.

Those Star Katanas come in yet?
I have a long history of back problems. Matter of fact, I'm now retired do to many back injuries. So the first thing you have to know. Is that it takes 6 to 8 weeks for a back injury to heal correctly. It doesn't matter if you are pain free the next day, 6 to 8 weeks. Reason is, injuries devellope muscle memory as well. So if you don't rest it (ice and motrin for swelling and tylenol for pain). To each his own, but I've never been a fan of chiropractors. Heck, chances are it's a muscular issue, but you really don't know? Now you are going to have somebody "adjust" you. P.T. and Pialates worked wonders for me. At the time of my injuries. I was in great shape or so I thought. Man Pialates kicked my butt! Plus I was pain free for a good amout of time. Well, I know you most likely didn't like to hear 6 to 8 weeks, but you either pay the price now or continue to pay the price for the rest of your life.
Well my Chiropractor, is also my martial arts instructor and also my kids Godfather. If it is a muscle issue he will let me know. I will be resting it except on wednesdays due to league. It will suck if it kills the rest of the season.

Yeah I didn't like hearing 6-8 weeks. I hate feeling like an invalid. At least it is not as bad as last years. The I couldn't walk very well, this time I just have a problem bending over. Maybe it will get the people at work to get me that new ergonomic chair faster.
Ya 6 to 8 weeks does suck. However, you still need to work your back by stretching, walking and what not. To much rest is bad. Just as bad as over doing it. If you have a health plan. I strongly suggest Pialates or a sports rehab (very similar to Pialates). As long as you are not getting to much secondary pain (legs, sides or stomach). Chances are it's muscular, but only and MRI or an X-ray can tell you that. Most health plans will tell you, ice, rest, heat, stretching, and meds (Motrin, Tyl).
Well, good luck!
I hear you on the back problem. Something to think about...How heavy is your bag? And how do you bend over
to pick up your disc. I threw mine out by just lifting my bag wrong one day. I was out a couple weeks. Hurt
pretty bad. Switched to a lighter bag with less disc. This as least got me back in the game but now I am back
to my bag of 20 and I make a conscious effort to bend my knees and not twist my back every single time I
either pick up my bag or my disc. Follow through not only goes for my throws but for every aspect of my game.
I threw out my back last year and got x-rayed and have disc degeneration in lumbar 1 and 2 discs in the small of my back. I took 4 months off, went to PT for stretches and core and ab strengthening exercises and am back playing at reasonable capacity. find out what the problem is and get treated appropriately for it. I stretch every day and before and after I play and take Aleve or ibuprofen before I play, and am very careful in bending or lifting. Go slow and recover enough just to start exercising much less throwing full speed again.
If your injury is muscle related, and once you recover and wish to reduce the likelihood of further incidents, I'd recommend yoga. I've been doing it daily for seven years now, except when I'm sick or traveling (or sick of traveling). It isn't hard and doesn't take long, yet works every muscle group and joint in one's body. I alternate two routines, and both of them work and strengthen my back muscles. Yet it's a gentle workout; if a particular pose or movement hurts, just do what you can, and soon you'll find yourself doing them fully. It's made me much more flexible and increased my core strength, both of which help a lot with disc golf. I'm 63, and am convinced that yoga allows me to hang in on the coarse with 20- or 30-somethings.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and return to your favorite course.
ya i'm in the same boat th you. I started playing rather religiously the last month like im talking 18 holes everyday. I dont know if it was playing frisbee or something else but my back has started hurting when ever i bend over or lift anything. It really sucks and i've decided to take a week off. Hopefully it will get better.
I have Diabetes and have had Pneumonia 3 times this year alone !!!! I'm taking New medication for my Feet as I can not stand for more than 20 minutes at a time.

I also have a touch of Parkinsons Disease , which makes it difficult to hold a Putting Stance for more than 5 seconds.

It really does suck getting older and the body starts breaking down.
If you want my opinion. Work out. My buddies dad had Bad back problems like SERIOUS where he couldn't even pick up his own daughter, had surgery, it was real bad for a long time, he was on all kinds of medications. He started doing like that P90X stuff, now he can pick up his daughter and do things he never could before. He is off almost all of his meds, and doing great. Try working out, or hell try getting P90. I think that would solve your problem.
There is a great back rehab place in michigan with multiple branch locations. It is called Dynamic Rehabilitation. I would see what they can do for you. They focus on a combination of stretching, building muscle, and maintenance.

Only reason I would even suggest them is because I herniated a disc in my back in 2003 and by early 2006 I could no longer walk the pain was so bad. I tried other rehab places, pain clinics, and the neuro surgeon was about ready to cut.

This place not only got be back on my feet, but they helped me so that I can enjoy life again. I can now run, walk, jump, swim all with minimal pain. Yes I still have minimal pain every day. But it is a dull ache compared to the constant pain the made it hard to sleep, walk, or even want to live. If you ever have back problems start there if they cannot help then best of luck finding something that does.

-Lawrence Leonardi
quit playing i tore my rotator cuff with over throwing and now im strapped to only playing a few holes a week while its good to use as a recovery tool its not the best to keep going with an injury try going to the chriopractor and tell him or her that you do a lot of twisting and turning and your injuring your back while doing it and they will help trust me i go to the chiropactor 3 times a week.

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