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I live in Michigan, so in the winter time I have to deal with snowy weather. This sucks for several reasons, however, the worst being loosing a disc in the snow. Many times after the disc lands in the snow it is burried, even though you saw it land it still burrowed under the snow and all that is visible is a slight slash in the snow I have had disc go as far as five or six feet past the said little slash. To find this disc you generally have to drag your feet around until you "feel" something but many times I have stepped on the disc and with winter boots on felt nothing, even when you find it you still have to reach in there and grab it with your hands eventully drenching your gloves.

I have tried the ribbion techinque and found it less then worthwhile to even bother with. My soulution is I bought several large washers about half the size of a doughnut and with packing tape secured it on the top and center of the disc useing the flash cuttof as a guide for center. For about 20$ at home depot I bought a telescoping magnet stick with about a one foot  magnet drag that bad boy through the snow and you can feel it hook up with a click.

The stick fits easily in my bag it collapses down to about 16 inches and extends to about three foot so you don't even have to bend down. The washer does affect the flight of the disc, not nearly as much as the ribbon, mostly things drop faster but not that much as I bought the thinest lightest ones about two grams. Your hands stay much warmer and you don't have to walk in circles all day looking for a disc you watched land! hopefully this helps everyone out have fun and enjoy winter!

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I just keep my eye on it.

I see, your one of those I never lost a disc people. When I started throwing over 350' losing discs became an issue because they leave my field of sight. Keep practicing and youll get your distance up there to. lol

Wade will never throw far his arm is genetically defective, he can't get past 400 ft. easily. My advice throw it into the basket from the tee, never have to search.

Haha! Oshtemo can be tough for finding discs. That place gets more snow than anywhere in Kalamazoo for some reason. Being West of 131 could be a reason. I like your enthusiasm. My discs (Discraft) fly so well they are exactly where I throw them. Thats why I never lose them ;)

Just drink a lot and then you won't care.

Usually, I just melt all the snow in the area with laser beams from my eyes, but the magnet story sounded more believable and available to the masses.

Great idea!  I was wondering what I was going to do when I go home to Michigan and have to play in the snow.  I just ordered a telescoping magnet off of Amazon.  Hopefully this works.  I hate losing discs

Snow isn't always fluffy and easy to comb through.

and don't forget about that report you owe me!

In our neck of the woods, Big Sky Country, if a guy is going to throw a any disc, on deep snow days, without a ribbon, we warn him that we will only look for his disc for 3 minutes.  After that he's on his own. Last time we went out with someone who said, he would be able to go without ribbon, lost his first disc on first drive, and the 3 minutes ran out. Next tee, he throws, loses his disc, 3 minutes up, he down two discs that he loves!.. By tee box 3 he says, give me the ribbon.


But I like the magnet idea, tho haven't been too disappointed with the flight of the ribbon, and it is easier to find than on a dry landscape. There is an adjustment needed for length too, which can effect the flight. Long ones are not necessary, but don't go too short, else the ribbon goes away under the snow too! Plus.. sometimes.. the ribbon winds up under the disc. So the magnet idea would help in that comparison.

I tested the limits on my magnet in snow drifts in my back yard where i piled up the snow after shoveling. At  six inches it would pull it right out, twelve inches you could feel a tug and at eighteen inches nothing. This was just dragging the magnet on top of snow not jamming it in there which you can still do and drag like a tractor.

I wonder if I would even need a washer for my Discraft Magent??  hmmm???


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