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been playing for about 3 months now, i throw forearm for drives and throw mostly a waith and a beast. the most i ever throw is 250 and more likely throw on average 220-230. what should and can i do to get more distance. thanks

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ya man its amazing! I just release to late sometimes!
get a rule book,know the rules written and unwritten
keeping your elbow in is a good tip...also, start your snap as soon as you come forward w/ the disc that way your snap carries through the entire throw and does not start in mid-throw...the latter tip has greatly improved my distance and accuracy on both backhand and forehand drives...

you should know that throwing understable wraiths and beasts sidearm is going to result in you flipping the disc over once you get more power into your shot, in which case you won't see the distance you should be getting...once you start to flip the disc over try throwing the sidearm w/ something more stable like an Xcaliber...
Go to an open field and experiment until you get it...
That is the long hard road I took, but it works.
Nowadays you can get video help and instructions from seasoned local players.
There are tips and tricks that will shave years off your learning curve...
Learn to snap a towel well and you will have the snap needed to generate spin.
Spin is what holds the disc in the air, more spin and you will get more distance.
Not more power...but more snap and spin.
One technique is to snap your disc off like a towel snap, but also to follow through.
Let the snap pull your body around (see videos!!!) and the leg will come around in a half circle.
You must put sort of a relaxed power on the disc...but big snap.
OK...go practice.
Try different angles of release until you find what works for YOU!
Different amounts of power and snap during release...some of the lighter discs require almost nothing to glide a long distance.
It can also help to have your plastic somewhat broken in for glide...
all new plastic will seem to want to curve hard...get some beat plastic!
lol, I must have missed this the first time.
If you go to an open field always try to have a target... even if you just set your bag out there, you do not want to get used to not aiming it makes it harder when going to the DGC.
thanks for all the help
Practice, practice, practice. Work on your arm speed and perfect the backhand drive.
well to save yourself from being rediculed you have to either call it forehand or sidearm, anyway......

play wth people better then you at your course rather it be singles events or doubles,
focus on throwing down a little bit,
practice snap, you may need to curl the disc some before release,
and just play as if you are practicing.

you will get better! keep throwing forehand because it is dumb not to do it!
I know you said distance... but this wil lhelp. go play your local courses club mini's as often as possible and enter above your lvl. thats the best way to learn everything from more distance to better putting to disc selection,etc.
and no offense to the other comments, but practicing by yourself in a field will not really help you much. at least not until you know what your supposed to be practicing.
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