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Does anybody have any good ideas for how to keep the baskets from freezing in during the winter? The bases for the baskets always seem to have water in them even though they are covered. During winter that freezes and we are unable to change the positions up. We managed to change a few this past week, but it will probably be at least a month till we can move other positions. I wonder about just putting some antifreeze in the base before it freezes...

Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure your supposed to put anti freeze in or on the ground, something about ground water tables and contamination. "this isn't nam Donny, there are rules".
I think salt (or salt water solution) down the center of the pole is a way more eco-friendly solution, as long as it above 0 degrees (F) it will melt it (do about a day ahead of time for rock salt, and I would think only a couple hours for a saline solution). or you could use heat in the form of a torch but zinc has a low melting point and could ruin your baskets.
Yeah no anti freeze....Robey is on top of this...that's why they call him 'the one'...or that might be an ace thing...anyways no anti freeze.
Go to Lowes and buy rubber adapters to cover the pole and sleve. They are tight and generally do not let any water penetrate.
I had the same problem with a gate of mine and I wrapped the gate pole with wax paper and duck taped it on the top and bottom and it comes out real nice
yes, agreed. antifreeze is a no-no.......very sweet tasting and shuts down most mammals' kidneys within hours....
I'm not sure how the water is actually getting into the bases. As I said they are covered. Could it just be condensation? Salt would probably corrode the metal. Maybe the water just gets in when the basket is in that position because the top of the basket pole has no cap. Anyway, I guess that we just wait for mother nature to do her thing. We installed about a dozen new pin positions at the course this year and I wish that I had a good design for a self-draining base. Maybe you could drill a hole and weld on a little drain pipe or just use some PVC. If water could not remain in the base then that would solve the problem. We have been just using two feet of metal pipe with a cap on the bottom and set completely in cement. Drainage would be cool. I know that it would be extra work though.
During the initial installation, after you dig the hole, pour gravel or small stones into the base at a level of around two inches, then put the anchor into the hole on top of the gravel before you pour the concrete into the hole. This way any water that does get into the anchor will drain properly.
Also PVC pipe about a foot long with a cap on one end works great when inserted into the anchor.
my dad's dog died that way. he kept hopping the fence because of the dog in heat across the street. the guy put antifreeze out for our dog to drink and put his dog inside for a couple of hours. we watched our dog die in front of our eyes, pretty sad.
Thats easy ...install your baskets in Phoenix,AZ
Thats aweful, hope you called the cops! people should and do to to prison or jail for that kind of stuff. I won't put into words what i would do if somebody did that to my dog! I hope that guy dies a slow painful death.
I do like this idea. However, it would require us to bring gravel to the site. We generally duct tape the bottom of the anchor before we set it in, but maybe we could insert a small tube through the duct tape. Anyway, we got a few of the baskets to move the other day. About another month and I think that most will become movable. We also cap all of our anchors when not in use. Good idea about the gravel though.

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