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I have a soft magnet an its i guess you could call it warped maybe. Its not flat is the best way to say it. if you look at the flight plate it is higher on one end and lower on the other. I thought i heard somthing on another thread about flipping it upside down and filling it with water and putting it in the microwave but that could be wrong. I really like the disc and hope i can flaten it. anyone have a clue?

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on a hot day put it in your drive way and let it bake upside down for a couple of hours
for softies there is little to nothing that you can do. they are made soft for a reason and their softness allows them to stretch a bit. Once they get stretched that is it! no more flat disc. This happens with all soft putters. I would suggest holding onto the higher part of the disc and making a groove for your thumb so that it fits your hand comfortably. Within 30 feet or so the warping of your disc should do little to change the flight pattern if at all. If you are driving with a softie, well don't, just get a stiff one for that.
i read a post months back where mark ellis suggested something with freezing it, and it apparently worked for the other person, might want to look at some of his older posts.
Maybe Chuck can answer this..would this pdga rule apply here "C. Players may not make post-production modification of discs which alter their original flight characteristics. "
A few weeks ago I had a local X-Country skiier's dog that chewed on my disc and put some dents in it. A buddy told me that when his discs sometimes get mis-shapen that you can soak them in SUPER hot water and the plastic returns closely to normal. I also do this to my discs if they get warped from bad stacking. I leave them soaking for about 20 minutes and maybe repeat if necessary. This is only returning the disc to normal and is perfectly legal.
Sounds good to me. My disc is super beat in or id just get a new one.
Don't microwave it.

Pour hot water over it then bend it back in shape your your hands then let it sit on a flat surface. Depending on the degree of warpage and its cause, this may fix it some or all. If this doesn't work well enough then increase the temperature of the water to boiling water from a tea kettle. Set it upside and fill the disc up. Dump it out after a minute and again reshape it with your hands and set it, top side up on a flat surface and let it cool.

Microwaves are too harsh. Its like shaving with a chain saw.
This is what i recommend, on a sunny day, take a bowl and your disc to your car. Place the disc plate up on the bowl, allow the disc to warm, and therefore soften, this will cause the plate to go flat and should return to near normal, from there bend and flex till your happy.
I've done a variation of this. I just heated up a pot of water just past where I could stand to put my hand in it, then soaked a Roc and put it in the middle of a stack of Rocs then put that stack in the freezer for like 10 minutes. It came out as straight as my brand new ones.
have to agree with mark. DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR DISCS.

if you have to or want to try, just make sure its a throwaway disc first. trust me.
Thanks! I put the disc in hot water and put heavy book on top when i pulled it out and it seems to have worked really well.
Interesting discussion, but I'm still unsure about what is considered legal restoration and what is not. In previous discussions I have heard people mention using light sandpaper to smooth out scrapes and gashes to get the disc as close to 'original' condition as possible. Is this considered legal by the PDGA? What makes a modification legal vs. illegal? I have heard some focus on the distinction between accident and intent, but I didn't quite buy it...

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