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I have been a Discraft user but recently filled the bag with Innova. Today I finally finished the collection with a 174 KC Pro ROC.
From looking at the specs (4,4,0,3) I figured it would be a stable straight flight with a nice fade at the end. But when I threw it for my tee shot on a 270 foot hole it totally flipped anny and dived to the ground. (I released it flat with a medium height). It happened again on two other shots. There was a slight breeze form the left and I throw RHBH.
My ESP Buzz would stay pretty flat when thrown the same way. Is there a "secret" to throwing the ROC or does it tend to play more like 4,4,-2,0 ?

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Hmmm..I throw a 169g Champ Roc. I do two things diff for my mids (which includes a Buzzz). I use a modifed grip (fork I think) Well think of the "Rock and Roll" hand sign you see at a Dio concert ;) The other is I change the angle of the disc depending on how much power I put behind it. So if I want to throw it with almost the same power of a drive. I'll put some hyzer angle on it. Less power, less hyzer.
You might also want to double check your form. It's possible you're turning your wrist over? Just a thought, I tend to catch myself doing that with new discs. Heck I was turning over a Z Drone! or so I thought, but it was just my bad form causing it.
I checked my form after the round with my Buzz. I was throwing flat without turning my wrist over ( I thought that might be it also). I will just play it more like a Comet. Just bummed because I thought it would play more like a Wasp.
The secret is throw the Buzzz.
I know what you are saying:) I have a stack of different Buzzz. Just wanted to see how all of the Innovas are. I'm from the Left Coast so all of my practice buddies use Innova.
don't drink the kool-aid discraft makes the best most predicable discs. the problum you just mentioned is why innova sux I had a roc that threw great lost it bought a identical one to replace it and it flew completly differnt. I never had that prob with discraft
I use a fan grip when throwing my rocs. The KC pro should be stable. I believe there is a Climo video showing the fan grip along with some others.
The best way to throw a roc is at the nearest trash can! I have tried to throw a few different rocs and got nothing good from it.
i never made my peace with rocs either
I do use a modified fan grip for my mids. not quite the fork grip that climo uses, but my middle finger is out under the plate.
I'm gonna work with it today and see what happens.
after learning to throw a roc I went from 930 rated to 980-990rated. Not all the roc but it did help a lot. If you cant figure it out ask your buddies how they throw theirs and try that. The DX ranchos are also stable, great roc and cheep.
The best rocs are 180 grams i dont know why but the 180's are the way go. remember its not a buzz or wasp it is its own disc flies like no other. If you need a more stable roc make sure its not an ontario roc (made in ontario cali.)they are far less stable.
I must add. I use to HATE the Roc! Don't take this wrong, because it's directed at ME. Once I learned how to throw better, understand more about flights, and the game. I tried it again. Then the light came on. It's funny you mention the Wasp. Although it's not as stable as a Wasp. The Roc replaced my Wasp. I find it can handle a good deal of power as well as some wind. You could have also gotten a "clunker" Innova has a history of that.


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