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Should the PDGA limit how many divisions you can skip according to your rating? I play up one division up, I'm rated 925 and play advanced. We have a guy that is a 884 that plays in the advanced division. It sounds harmless until he's on your card the first round.I don't want to play with rec. players in the advanced division, like the pro's don't want to play with intermediate players in the pro division. What is the point of the player ratings if you can play any division you want.You can't play down two divisions, why can you play up?

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No they should not limit how many divisions a player can move up.

Have never heard of a Pro not wanting to play with a player moving up into their division because of their ability.

Kudos to the 884 player playing in the Advanced Division.
Players that play up are called donators!
Good point. So the ams are basically paying the pros for the opportunity to play them. I guess there's not much to complain about when you explain it that way!
In some ways it would simplify things. You have to play in the division range for which your ratings qualify.
Uhm I thought I posted this. As a mid range Intermediate: what if I am willing to donate to the Pros and play with them. I may become better and play better later on.

My rule of thumb. Play/work/watch/learn from/with people who are good at what they do and you will get better. After all right now I am just donating or whatever to in the Intermediate range to play with people who are a little bit better then I am or worse then I am. I mean all I get to do is play with the baggers.

Do not say that people should play tourneys to get better.
I dont care who I play with in a tourny as long as they know the rules. Its the same in every division you have the lower, middle, and upper. Play good 1st round and play with better people.
Donations are always welcome!! ; )
Play to where you skill level is at !!! When you get better , you will know it's time to move up !!
I would assume you had to start somewhere, or did you come in to advanced with a lower rating like junior did and piss off people that were better than you? When you decide to move up again, there you are, the new guy in the division who is gonna suck it up for a couple rounds. Let it go man. Pro atheletes jump up as far as they want if they are good enough, as long as you meet some criteria.....which anymore is nothing more than age. If you can go in the titty bar then you can jump up.

Discgolf is great, rec or tourneys. If a guy on my card isnt throwing well then I encourage him to play more and I offer him techniques. It wouldnt be fair to scoul and call him a douche-bag because he sucks. Thats arrogance. None of us were Gods gift to discgolf and we all have had to take our steps, some baby and for some others their steps were bigger.

With all that said, I know it can be hard to get into a groove when someone on your card is constantly holding you up because he is in the trees or some shit, thats a part of the GAME! Its all about controlling your emotions and staying focused on the task at hand, which is to win. What goes around comes around, maybe if you jump to pro you will be in juniors seat, and thats probably not much fun but hey, Im up for a good challenge too. The better the players are around me, the better I play.

Take it easy on junior, he is trying.......Im sure of that.
Help me understand. Since I haven't played tournament and would start at the lowest level when I do play in them, I don't have the experience of playing with either higher or lower rated players. Can you tell us why it bothers you? Just asking 'cause I don't know and can't imagine what about it bothers you to play with a lower rated player. I had always supposed that a lower rated player would just be paying for golf lessons, which I would have thought would be welcome.
I'm talking about earning your division! That way no bagging and no donating.

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