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Should the PDGA limit how many divisions you can skip according to your rating? I play up one division up, I'm rated 925 and play advanced. We have a guy that is a 884 that plays in the advanced division. It sounds harmless until he's on your card the first round.I don't want to play with rec. players in the advanced division, like the pro's don't want to play with intermediate players in the pro division. What is the point of the player ratings if you can play any division you want.You can't play down two divisions, why can you play up?

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In a tournament situation I want to be challenged by equal players, not watch a rec. player melt down on the back 9. I'm all for playing with any level durning league and casual rounds.
Are you talking about a 1 round tournament?

If he has a back 9 melt down on the 4th round of a tournament, and you are on on the same card as him.

who is in the wrong division?
The only way to get better is to play with people that are better than you. But not necessarily in a tournament. Why not play a division that you just might win?
I see nothing wrong with playing up. It helps you to play better. When I started out I played Advanced for a year or two. I never really won anything but soon I wanted to challenge myself and so I moved up to Open. Loved every minute of it. And I was pushing myself to play better and I was learning from good players. Now I don't see any point in rec players going Open but if you have been playing for as long as I have it's not really all about winning. It's about the challenge. As others say I'm donating. And if I handle myself in a good manner and respect others then I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Oh how I wish that I could still do some tourneys. I would probably be playing Grand Master now. They didn't even have the ratings system when I was playing tourneys. Disc Golf is and awesome and unique sport.
While I encourage players to play tournaments, not everyone belongs in a tournament and not every player belongs in every division.

Until a child is old enough to develop basic skills and attention span and an appreciation for the rules they don't belong in tournaments. This is rarely a problem in tournaments but more often encountered in leagues. It is hard to focus on your own game and do pseudo-babysitting duties as well.

There is an advantage for Pros to play with other good Pros. In a group where everyone hits the line and makes easy putts it becomes a momentum thing. If everyone in the group is carding pars (or worse) on short, easy holes then it is harder to break that mold and cash a deuce. So a good group pushes each other and in a tournament with lots of good Pros it is imperative to get on a roll and avoid mistakes in order to be in the hunt.

Some players are bothered by weaker players in their group, just like some players are bothered (more than others) by distractions or slow play or bad attitudes or hostility, etc. Those are things that just need to be overcome in order to play well. For anyone who can't, it a weakness in their game.

No one owes it other players in their group to play well. Everyone has bad rounds, no matter the talent or motivation of the player. We owe each other basic courtesy. We should continue to pay attention and compete, no matter how poorly we are playing. That's it. We don't owe the group anything more. If a lowly Amateur stepped up and played Pro but followed these guidelines no one has a legitimate basis to gripe.

Personally I would rather play with weak players than slow players. At least the weak player has a good reason to take a while to finish a hole.
Well said!
just woke up and had to point out seeing this post directly below the "discgolfers that play with themselves." Well it's just too much!!! Classic...couldn't pull that off again if we tried.
1st round, like it posted above.
I'm was hoping to discus the PDGA requiring a player to earn their division.It makes no sense to me, rating rounds ,having a player ratings but you can play in any division.If you earned your division no more sand bagging [ like a 1000+ rated player winning am. worlds].
I've been toying around with the idea of playing a tournament in a division to high for me. I wouldn't mind donating to get a 24 hole lesson from players better than me. Better yet, I may not even finish last, wouldn't that be great? I think a system should be in place to keep sandbaggers on the move. But penalizing people who want a chance to learn I don't like. Not so much that they don't have to earn their division but how many of us rule a lower division, move up, don't feel like we can really cut it yet and move back down. Its like majors and Minors in baseball, only we have a choice if we want to move up or down. But bagging should be prevented.
Get on a pro card at league or some casual rounds.Having to earn your division is not a penalty it keeps a level play field base on the rating perimeters, and sure some will be on top, but your competing with in your ability. When your rating reaches the minimum for the next division you move up.
Player ratings are for people who couldn't hack it as real athletes and play disc golf to impress other men.

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