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My Fuse and Vision (both GL) started out as discs that predictably turned to the right. Now I have to hyzer them no matter what and the angle of hyzer depends on how much i want it to turn. forget about hyzer flips that end with a nice fade - they just turn no matter what. A flat release dives.


I know Latitude 64's plastic is some of the nicest and most durable on the market, but how's the stability doing on your Gold Line models? How about Opto?

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i don't think it's that i've improved. i've only had it a few months. i guess it's just been a bit flippy from the get go. i was expecting it to replace my sidewinder, and it just hasn't done the trick.


thanks for your input though, rescue. your reviews were a part of the reason why i purchased the vision. it has been a reliable turn over disc, but not reliable in how much i want it to turn over. i guess i want my first ace sidewinder back :/

thanks! what types of shots are you accomplishing with your river? what kind of distance are you getting?
thanks! what disc(s) do you use and for what types of shots?

i actually enjoy the convex wing of their modern drivers. the fuse has this also and some others. i also got the teebird + mold and it produces a smoother release for me.


i hear so many different reviews on the striker that i'm not sure what to think. some say it's like a teebird, maybe a bit faster, and from what i've seen, it's more of an actual driver with more turn. you say it's faster than your main driver, so where does it fall in?


anyone that wants to share how their striker gets used, feel free to chime in!

lol! the funny thing is. I carried my Sidewinder in my bag for a good year even after I had my Vision. I just couldn't part with it! I just could never get my Sidewinder to dance like I can with the Vision. It just seems like most of the Lat stuff is more forgiving to poor input by the player (me) or maybe it's that I know it's going to do what I want it to? One thing I've grown to like, is how late it will helix (do to being a larger diameter or oat?)

Oh, I hope your ace disc is on a wall and not lost? If on a wall, just take it down....ya right lol!

sadly, the sidewinder is gone. no call. i couldn't actually tell you how i lost it though. i tend to live way above the influence when it comes to disc golf and i lost it on the last day of the season (live in wisconsin) went to my bag 3 or 4 months later and it was gone. i was like "wtf!!!" then i remembered. obviously, i'm an idiot.


i agree with you on the late helix. the courses in madison have lots of trees though and by the time the vision should come back, it's already hit a tree. the turn is a little too aggressive for reliability in my experience here.


there's no doubt about these understable lat discs dancing though. my fuse does some crazy things too. the problem is that unlike you, i have to throw it perfect for it to do what i want; otherwise, it may turn a little, it may turn a lot. it's risky business hyzer flipping for all anhyzer shots and that's what i've resorted to with the vision.


bring back my sidewinder! ha ha

Who knows you still may get a call? I got a call the other day from So Cal (Santa Barbara area). Guy found MY disc!? Too bad I've never played south of Santa Cruz....go figure. Just told him Merry Christmas!

heard that! just lost my star FL when i was visiting home in CO. came back to WI, got a call from who a guy who found it. he was from texas, so i told him to enjoy it and that i'd send some plastic with a prepaid box to ship my beloved FL back when i got a chance.


i loved that disc because i had the color swirl of the star plastic specifically ordered and she was a beauty, but i'll probably find something better to replace it. hopefully lat 64 plastic on the way!

My Gold-Line "Flow" is performing very well and consistent with when it was new. It's now over a year old and has hit many trees. No pysical damage and the flight is basically the same.

I have noticed the same phenomenon you mention with several of my discs and I have concluded that I am achieving increased velocity and spin upon release as I improve my technique after a long winter. It is the spin (rotation) that affects the flight path. Understable discs cannot tolerate high speed spin and turn over right unless thrown with minimal "snap". Overstable discs are designed to tolerate the high speed spin, however they must be thrown with extreme "snap". I am talking only about high speed spin that occurs immediately upon release, you just need to dial-it-in with respect to your angle of release. The normal spin charactaristics will dictate the flight path from there. Consistency is key to accuracy.

yep, i need to dial it in more for better consistency. it's not that i can't get it done though, i'm just looking for something with a little more margin of error. the effective release angle is too far hyzer to be consistent.


what types of shots are you doing with your flow and what weight? where does it fit in respect to distance compared with your other drivers?

My "Flow" GL (173g) has become a favorite for shots that require a very slight left finish on holes at 285' - 300'. I can generally land it at the pole for an easy birdie. It is one of my easist discs to throw consistently for a long distance. I have to release it flat to slight hyzer, otherwise it wants to turn over slightly. I still prefer my "Wraith" or "Katana" for a stronger left finish or head winds.

My longest throw is 340' with a "Wraith". I suspect the "Flow" is fully capable of reaching that, I just haven't had the perfect snap yet.

i'm excited to try this disc. thanks for your input

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